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Emma Blackwell

Emma Louise Blackwell

Potters Bar
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7903 945 413

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Email: emmalblackwell@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.emmablackwell.co.uk

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Emma Blackwell

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I am a passionate Researcher/AP and Presenter and have spent three years working at a wildlife park researching stories and creating online videos for media within conservation and education. Along with this I have spent the last year teamed up with my colleague at Wildlife Film Productions creating a variety of content from stock footage to, reality reels to blue chip documentaries filming in both England and California.

Whilst working on projects I have had the opportunity to take part in pre-production (research, script write, develop stories, organise budgets, accommodation and scouting days,) production (assist cameramen in the field, go through dailies, assist with directing,) and finally post production (assist with edit and social media.) Having filmed regularly on location I am familiar with the logistics of a shoot and working with various crews/teams, liaising between them and location staff including BBC Learning English.

Alongside my research career I am an accomplished presenter both on and off screen. Having toured shows both nationally and internationally for 12 years (credits include Science Museum Live) I am no stranger to hard work and I eventually secured a position with BBC Learning English. Realising my passion for wildlife I combined both sets of skills within my role at Paradise. I managed to massively improve the shows whilst I was there, making conservation topics both entertaining and engaging. This was recognised by the team and management and I was asked to represent paradise at the BIAZA Presenter Workshop and I ran two workshops at the ABWAK symposium in 2015. I believe certified Zoo’s can be a great way to learn about endangered animals due to their breeding programs and scientific studies and I consider my background in this area to be very beneficial within my role as a researcher.

As an incredibly ambitious person with an insatiable appetite for hard work, bundles of enthusiasm, and a veracity for learning I would be a dedicated asset for any team. For any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

THE PRAY from Alex Jones

The Pray will immerse you into the forested world of the dead leaf mantis. This action packed film boasts incredibly unique and dynamic shots. Fly through the forest with flies, witness the cunning behavior between the mantis and the hawk and experience a hunt like you’ve never seen before. Using stunning cinematography we divulge the truth of a catch and behold the incredible way a mantis devours its prey. It’s everything a fantasy movie would have except this time, it’s real. This is an action adventure popcorn movie for wildlife films. Created by Alex Jones and Emma Blackwell.

Emma Blackwell Presenter Reel from Emma Blackwell

Emma Blackwell Emma Blackwell

Emma Blackwell

Emma Blackwell

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