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Wild Visions, Inc.

Wild Visions, Inc.

PO Box 42194
Arizona 85080

Company Director: Michael Pellegatti

Phone: + 1 623 512 9810

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Email: mike@wildvisions.net

Website: www.wildvisions.net

Wild Visions, Inc., located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a full service, award winning, video production company specializing in HD productions.

We have 24 years experience in producing network television productions, sports, documentary, interviews, commercials, infomercials, product promotion videos, public service announcements (PSA), web and internet videos, and corporate video productions for local, national, and international clients. When

Wild Visions was started, the focus was on wildlife, nature, and outdoor video productions. Filming the splendor of God's natural world has always been inspiring, motivating, and breath taking.

We are looking for proposals and sponsors for adventure, conservation-themed, environmental, and social commentary films. We would consider collaborators/sponsors and co-production with the right individuals and film topic.


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