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PT Lahuka Indonesia Ekspededisi
Lahuka Ltd
Galur Sari Timur No 76 Utan Kayu
Matraman Jakarta Timur

Phone: +62 (0)21 857 9925

Director - Hendra Margono

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Email: lahuka.filming@gmail.com

Website: www.lahukafilming.co.id

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Experience has shown that expedition organizers, researchers, film and television projects invest considerable time in navigating complex ever-changing bureaucratic corridors.

You can maximize time, funds and effort by accessing LAHUKA's expedition research and filming knowledge and local support networks - gained over decades in Indonesia.

What we do:

Television and filming Location Manager and Fixer services.

LAHUKA team provide professional services for visiting Film crews, we assist the filming team through the complicated process of the filming application submission, we monitor the application on submission until approval in Indonesia.

We assist on appointment (as in country partner) in the co ordination of the schedule often working in conjunction with other appointed in country partners, we liaise with all Government departments on your behalf to obtain The National Filming permit, Police Travel permits, National Park or BKSDA (Conservation) controlled area Permits. We specialize in wildlife location reconnaissance.

We provide an efficient and friendly service at a competitive rate and operate a flexible service and tariff structure to accommodate a wide range of needs ranging from our basic meet and greet service (National filming permit, customs clearance) to more detailed services as required. We have successfully co ordinated Helicopter filming and boat trips and secured sensitive permits to film traditional ceremonies. Our clients include BBC Digital, BBC Natural History, Silverback Films to name a few.

Hendra Margono
LAHUKA Director Hendra Margono on Location

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