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Katrien Willems

Katrien Willems
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7856 446 598

Email: katrien.willems@yahoo.com

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I aspire to communicate scientific knowledge to the public through documentary filmmaking to reveal new insights on animal behaviour and the world’s natural history. Ever since studying Biology and Visual Arts during my International Baccalaureate I have been passionate about the two subjects, with a keen interest in animal behaviour and media practice. Correspondingly, I undertook a Bachelors in Biology followed by a Masters in Biological Anthropology, for which I received a distinction. As a way of combining my two passions and raising science awareness, I am currently undertaking another Masters in documentary filmmaking.

In 2015, I made a short documentary (8 minutes in duration) for my M.A. Digital Documentary degree at The University of Sussex in Brighton. I produced and directed the short documentary with a classmate. It was about food waste in the UK. This involved researching about food waste and food systems in the UK, operating a camera (i.e. Sony NX5, Nikon DSLR), sound recording (i.e. with a boom mic, lavalier mic, dynamic interview mic), interviewing individuals on the street as well as a university student and store manager, editing with Adobe Creative Suite and finding archive material.

From February until May I made another short documentary (10 minutes in duration) for my degree. It was about street musicians and I produced and directed it with another classmate. I have thus continued to refine my filmmaking skills (i.e. operating cameras, sound recording, interviewing individuals, editing with Adobe Suite and finding archive). As this documentary was partly historical, I conducted more research such as reading through a lot of literature on the history of busking as well as looking through and using more archive material. I also operated different types of cameras for this documentary, including the Sony X70 and Sony NX100.

I am currently volunteering at The Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton and am looking for work experience or a paid work position in film production at a documentary film production company.

Below are photographs I took of the squirrel monkeys I studied for my previous master's research dissertation.

Squirrel Monkeys - Katrien WillemsSquirrel Monkeys - Katrien Willems Squirrel Monkeys - Katrien Willems

Squirrel Monkeys - Katrien WillemsSquirrel Monkeys - Katrien WillemsSquirrel Monkeys - Katrien Willems


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