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Himalaya Karakoram Travel

Himalaya Karakoram Travel

Contact: Christof Hahn

Phone: +975 771 79 090 / +975 774 04 508

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Email: christof.hkt@gmail.com

Website: www.himalayakarakoramtravel.com/bhutan-film-fixing

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Welcome to Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and to Himalaya Karakoram Travel, your Fixer in Bhutan. If you are planning some filming in Bhutan, we can help. Bhutan has a lot to offer, Royal Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Black Necked Cranes, White Bellied Herons, Golden Langurs, Yetis and of course Thunder Dragons, all in the most beautiful landscapes and nature.

We are experienced media fixers who offer a range of services to make your shoot in our beautiful country as smooth, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. We know the country and procedures well and provide the following professional services to film productions:

  • Support to process and obtain all necessary permissions to film in Bhutan.
  • Location recommendations and scouting.
  • Sourcing local crew.
  • Research and fact-checking.
  • Provision of local experienced assistance for your project.
  • Arrangement of all necessary logistics.
  • Information about visas.

If there is something you need that is not on this list, just ask.

Christof Hahn - Himalaya Karakoram Travel

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