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Vinay Datla

Vinay Datla

3 Fishers Mead
Long Ashton
Bristol BS41 9EF
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7831 089 963

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Email: vinaydatla01@gmail.com

Website: www.vinaydatla.com

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I am passionate about thinking different and doing things differently.

I am an engineer, cinematographer, researcher and a recent graduate from BBC NHU's Masters in Wildlife Film Making. As a part of the course I did a unique film on Tigers, #Tiger Selfie exploring how selfies are saving Tigers from extinction.

I like to be challenged by stories to push technical limitations in cameras. As an engineer I build my own rigs, customize cameras according to shoot requirements. My passion to think different means researching extensively to find the most elusive and never told before natural history stories.

I worked with International NGOs prior to my work and I am closely connected with bear biologists, big cat scientists and scientific community around the world.

I am available to share your passion for research, development, cinematography and technical co-ordination.


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