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Tracey Clark

Tracey Clark

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7870 123 218

Email: traceylclark@yahoo.co.uk

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As a passionate Stills Wildlife Photographer I have a keen interest in natural history and a passion for wildlife, conservation and adventure.

Being an avid bird enthusiast I have studied Ornithology and enjoy bird watching and bird ringing in my spare time. I have close links with the British Trust for Ornithology and RSPB and when I'm not volunteering as a breeding bird/beach bird or wetland bird surveyor then myself and my partner Phillip (also listed) go out and about on our boat or do the photography for special events such as the Bristol Festival of Nature, Avon Gorge and Downs Project, and Community Fun Days.

Using the Nikon D7000, from Prime, Telephoto or Macro Wildlife Photography we work as a team sending our photos to BBC Wildlife Magazine, Wild Travel Magazine, Springwatch, BTO and media publications and websites.

Our website and business cards are being designed at the moment (website link to follow in due course).

I am looking for more Wildlife Photography opportunities, exciting projects to assist in around my job so that we can build relationships and work together to achieve great results.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any photography work or enquiries you may have.

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Credit: Tracey Clark & Phil GrandfieldCredit: Tracey Clark & Phil Grandfield

Photo Credit: BTO/WEBS Waterbirds in the UK 2013/2014, The annual report of the Wetland Bird Survey. 33rd annual report/May 2015.


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