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Tara Pirie

Tara Pirie, PhD

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7340 967 711

Email: tjpirie@googlemail.com

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Dr. Tara Pirie has over 2000 hours of wildlife presenting with WildEarth / Safari TV which was broadcasted live globally from the world renowned Sabi Sands, South Africa and was interactive with viewers across the globe who could send in questions about all aspects of nature, to be answered by Tara live on air.

With a keen interest in animal behaviour and conservation, two thirds of her life have been dedicated to working with wildlife and the education of it. She has knowledge and experience with a wide range of captive and wild animal species from across the world including marsupials, primates, ungulates, and in particular carnivores. She was formally trained as a zoologist (BSc Hons), holds advanced field guiding qualification (FGASA level 3), Cyber tracker (track recognition and trailing), 4x4 and rifle handling qualifications. After spending 3 years living in a tent studying African leopards she gained her PhD specializing in leopard ecology and conservation biology.

Tara has conducted many educational, scientific and general presentations about her research and wildlife. She has conducted interviews on WildEarth and been interviewed for various media including the BBC, radio and press. Her peer reviewed papers about leopard behaviour and PhD research can be found on www.ingweleopard.org.

Other expereince includes camera operator, photography, wildlife blogs, script writing, voice over and limited editing in 2D and 3D.


Tara Pirie showreel 2017


A brief comeback of Tara Pirie from safariLIVE

Tara Pirie

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