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Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell, MSc

United Kingdom

Phone: +1 56 14 275 007

Email: bell_sarah@icloud.com

Websites: www.endangeredliving.com & www.sarahbell.org

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Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell has been working hands on with exotic wildlife since she was 16 years old. She has worked with tigers rescued from the pet trade, flown exotic birds over audiences for different education programs at several accredited zoological facilities, studied chimpanzees in West Africa, and worked to further awareness of conservation issues as a public speaker.

She has her Bachelors of Science in Anthropology and a Masters degree in conservation with a focus in primates and is beginning an exciting new project which will encompass a study of post-Ebola Sierra Leone, wildlife trade, and chimpanzee conservation. She has also extensively studied tourism and its effects on conservation, as well as community based conservation projects that work with local communities to better their relationship with local wildlife. Sarah’s passion lies in conservation education and understanding how to better the relationship between communities in habitat countries and the animals they share their landscape with. She is currently being published in the new Encyclopaedia of Primatology as a contributing author.

Sarah has worked as an animal handler/trainer and educator with a variety of species including reptiles, birds of prey, mammals like porcupines and dingoes, and a variety of cat species. She has also traveled extensively to experience wildlife first hand, from trekking to find Komodo Dragons to scuba diving with Dolphins in Belize’s Blue Hole.

Sarah Bell Sarah Bell


Wildlife Presenter Reel - 2016 - Sarah Bell, MSc from Wild Learning

Wildlife conservationist and aspiring wildlife presenter, Sarah Bell, introduces herself and discusses her work in conservation and her history with wildlife

Sarah Bell

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