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Ryan Trenkamp

Ryan Trenkamp

Skysail Productions

SkySail Productions

Phone: +1 865 776 8072

Email: skysailproductions@gmail.com

Website: www.skysail-productions.com

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Ryan Trenkamp - Outdoor Cameraman and Owner of SkySail Productions.

Skills include timelapse, interviews, Glidecam, editing, narrating, NAUI SCUBA certification, and years of outdoor experience as a hiker, runner, kayaker, and wildlife research technician.

2017 North American Nature Photography Association scholarship winner.

After growing up on nature documentaries and a love of all things cinema, it isn't a shocker that a camera has been my tool of choice. I've been blessed with opportunities to be published internationally and make award winning projects including documentaries, seminars, corporate videos, short movies, and many photography genres, which has taken me from the streets of New York City to the swamps of Florida and back home again here alongside the marvelous Appalachians in East Tennessee.


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