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Patrick Franke

Patrick Franke


Phone: +49 1772 914 198

Email: pf@singwarte.info

Website: www.singwarte.info & www.birds-in-flight.net

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I started with my first sound recording and soundscape composition studies and experiments at the end of the nineties.

From 2002 through 2008, I studied Media Art in Leipzig, Germany and turned more and more to wildlife sound recording as my prior discipline. As a freelance ornithologist and sound recordist, biological and ethological issues as well as the communication of acquired knowledge - via publications, presentations, lectures, documentaries, radio programs - constitute the fundamental parts of my work.

Due to extensive travelling to rather remote places and more than 60 trips on research ships, I used to work and live under difficult circumstances.

My private collection contains approximately 12,000 digital sound recordings from different animals as well as acoustic phenomena and sounds from natural and urban habitats.

A man observing dragonflies. A filmmaker observes the observer.
Laconic restraint makes it possible to understand the significance of this: everyone lives in its, in our world.

Patrick Franke - sound/sounddesign

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