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Myke Clarkson

Myke Clarkson

4001 Inglewood avenue
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Redondo Beach
CA 90278

Phone: +1 76 0646 6333

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Websites: www.mykeclarkson.com & www.thereptilereport.com/myke-clarkson

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Born in the once dusty little town of Hesperia, California the love of nature has always been the central inspiration in my life. From rattlesnakes to cobras, alligators to anacondas, there has never been a "creepy crawly" I haven't immediately wanted to look at just a little closer and show to everyone around. I think it was my passion for sharing my passion that led me to my career in television. What a platform to show the world all the awesome living things around us... and so that's the short version.

I specialize in herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians), but have worked with all sorts of animals on and off camera. I've done it all, from hiding in hand built blinds to film wild lions feeding for National Geographic, to scuba diving with massive tiger sharks for the Discovery Channel. Simply put there is no animal too obscure or dangerous for my camera's lens... whether that lens be on a big body Sony 900, a Photron High Speed Camera, a Phantom, a Red Epic, or an underwater rig (yes I am a PADI certified diver). For more on my television work see my IMDB page.

Photography is my favorite form of artistic expression and my photos appear in several books, websites, and magazines. Occasionally I sell my photographs and donate the proceeds to a variety of causes I support. I personally love to snap images of venomous snakes from cobras to bushmasters and everything in between. I have shot production stills for National Geographic, Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel.

I travel to South Africa annually, and have a particular fondness for the herps of that region, occasionally lead small groups so others can share in my experience.

Please contact me if you would be interested in joining me in the field some time in the future.

My original plan for my life was academia, and I still do a bit of research work as well. I have presented at the International Herpetological Symposium, speak at countless reptile societies, and co-authored both scientific papers and non-fictional books.

When I am not searching for snakes or filming I am actively involved in a number of conservation efforts including the founding of Herpetological Conservation International.


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