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The New Wilderness
Dick Harrewijn
17 October 2013

The New Wilderness
The New Wilderness

At the heart of one of the most densely populated areas of Europe, in a country where every square meter of land has been meticulously shaped by man, lie the Oostvaardersplassen — a unique experiment in letting nature run its course. In just 40 years, 6,000 hectares of newly formed polder has been transformed into one of Europe’s most dynamic and productive wetlands — home to some of Europe’s rarest birds such as the magnificent white tailed eagle, which hadn’t been seen in the Netherlands since the Middle Ages.

The New WildernessThe New Wilderness

Three years in production and with more than 600 shooting days in the field, The New Wilderness is a spectacle, an ode, a visual tone poem, celebrating the wildness, stark beauty and sheer majesty of a unique natural monument. Shot in 4K cinemascope, the film charts the cycle of life through the course of four seasons, from birth through death to new life, forging a direct sensory and emotional connection with this thriving wetland and the many wild creatures that have made it their home — including 1,200 Koniks, that make up the largest herd of wild horses in Europe.

The New WildernessThe New Wilderness

The Oostvaardersplassen have become an internationally recognized symbol of Nature’s dynamism and resilience, all the more remarkable when you consider its position: 15 feet below sea-level and just 20 miles from Amsterdam. The New Wilderness challenges the old concepts of nature and wilderness. The bounty found here emerged in 40 short years, because it was given the space to do so. The New Wilderness highlights the enormous resilience and creative drive of nature in the raw. It shows what is lost need not be lost forever.

The New WildernessThe New Wilderness

Using the latest techniques in timelapse, underwater, underground, aerial and macro photography, The New Wilderness explores the diverse worlds within worlds, from the macro to the micro, highlighting the many connections between them.

The New WildernessThe New Wilderness

The New Wilderness
urges us to watch again with our animal eyes and listen with our animal ears and in doing so, sensitize ourselves once more to the voice of the wild. In an age of seemingly unrelenting ecological breakdown this new wilderness is a rare and inspiring beacon of hope.

The New Wilderness

It went into cinemason the 26th of September and around 65.000 people went in the first weekend, which is HUGE for a documentary in the Netherlands. In the first week we reached 100.000! Then the film recieved a Platinum Film Award which means 400.000 visitors in Dutch cinemas. (and thats huge for a Dutch film!)

The New Wilderness

A film by Mark Verkerk and Ruben Smit Produced by Ton Okkerse, EMS FILMS Associate Producer Ignas van Schaick represented by Willem Pruijssers - DFW, DutchFilmWorks
Visit: www.denieuwewildernis.nl

Camera by Dick Harrewijn

De Nieuwe Wildernis - Trailer - 26 september in de bioscoop from De Nieuwe Wildernis.

94 mins. theatrical feature - natural history
Facebook: www.facebook.com/denieuwewildernis
Twitter: @DeNieuweWildern

Edge Of The Earth is the official title song for The New Wilderness.

Don Diablo - Edge Of The Earth (Official Music Video) from Spinnin' Records.

The New Wilderness

Read this Rewilding Europe article here: “The New Wilderness”: coming soon

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