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The Complete Camera Company in Denmark - NaturenLIVE
By The Complete Camera Company
January 2014

Check out what member The Complete Camera Company is up to in Denmark: #NaturenLIVE: Who's Coming to Dinner! A unique experiment using specialist camera equipment.

The Complete Camera Company

A Danish production company called We Love People got in touch to tell us the amazing story that for the first time in nearly 200 years wild wolves had been sighted roaming the forests of Denmark. They believed that male wolves had crossed the border from Germany and were looking for food and new territory. The plan was to have a deer carcass out in the forest where we would rig 3 cameras, infra red lights and 2 mics.

The Complete Camera CompanyThe Complete Camera Company

The kit would have to be reliable enough for to leave unattended for the duration of the run. Of course, due to our extensive experience shooting wildlife in Africa using the fixed rig format, we said yes; but there were a whole new set of technical issues. Usually we would disguise the smell of humans by using elephant dung, or similar, but as that's difficult to find in Denmark we had to be extra vigilant about leaving our scent.

The Complete Camera CompanyThe Complete Camera Company

The equipment was left out for several days to wash the unfamiliar smells away, we used gloves whilst on site and kept the flow of humans and machinery to minimum. The cameras we used are the Panasonic AW HE60s which are the newest upgrade from Panasonic and have the Infra Red capabilities for shooting through the night. In conjunction with these we have invested in water proof housings from Dotworkz to keep the often wild weather out of the cameras.

The Complete Camera CompanyThe Complete Camera Company

We had fans put into these housings to help stop any condensation that might occur throughout the shoot. Our gallery was set up in a green shed about 700m from the carcass site, we used a fibre optic link to send our data signals and to receive the HD video and audio returns. Working with TV2 we were able to stream live 24 hours a day for the duration of RX whilst also recording 4 streams of video. One steam was the live mix with embedded audio and the other three were to record each camera when there was any action. On top of this we produced a highlights package that was then sent via satellite to the channels post house.

The Complete Camera CompanyThe Complete Camera Company

All we needed now were some animals.

The Complete Camera Company - Naturen LIVE
Live Camera from nature - look who's coming to dinner

'Nature LIVE - Who's Coming to Dinner' is a unique experiment in which instructor and author Lars Ostenfeld placed the carcass of a red deer out in Danish nature, and using specialist cameras, will survey any predators coming to dinner.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Complete-Camera-Company/219492461488848
Twitter: @completecameras / #NaturenLIVE

The Complete Camera Company

Visit: www.fri.tv2.dk/naturen-live/2014-01-13-live-kamera-fra-naturen-se-hvem-der-kommer-til-middag

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