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Stories Lived: Environmental Category Winners Announced
By Stories Lived
30 January 2017

Stories Lived is thrilled to announce the latest Winner and Runners-up for the Environmental Category!

Stories Lived: Environmental Category

Every contest deliberation is just as difficult as the last it seems. We receive so many incredible submissions it literally crushes our spirits to choose a winner and runners-up. Varied, unique, and downright humbling are the themes of Stories Lived submissions, and we wouldn't wish having to select a winner out of these submissions on anyone, as it is truly the most difficult and heart-wrenching part of our jobs.

That said, we would like to honor the winners below and their work to make our environment a better place to live. The efforts and impact these people have and their mission to strengthen the Earth and make this planet a more sustainable place for us all is beyond admirable.

Congratulations to our Winners:

Environmental Winner (eligible for the Jury Award and Peer Award).

Buzz on Bees and Climate Change (by Climate Stories NC)

Leigh-Kathryn Bonner is a third generation beekeeper and the founder of Bee Downtown. “The changing climate and the shortened seasons throw honeybees off.” Her solutions to help the bee population is to harvest bees on rooftops of buildings in the city.

Buzz on Bees and Climate Change - Stories Lived from Stories Lived

Environmental Runners-up (eligible for the Peer Award)

Tasmanian Lobster: A Gentle Giant (by Mark Pearce)

Known to grow to the size of a small dog and live to 40 years old, the giant Tasmanian freshwater lobster is the largest of its kind in the entire world, but its home is being destroyed by sediment runoff from logging. However, there is hope – Todd Walsh the lobster man has grown up with this crayfish that gently inches its way around the northern rivers of Australia’s southern-most island. This is his plea to protect a rare and remarkable creature.

A Gentle Giant - Stories Lived from Stories Lived

OUR Ecovillage (by Quinten Prinsen)

During one week, we’ve been living intensely in an environmental community, called OUR Ecovillage. On their beautiful land near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada), they try to live as sustainably as possible, and one with nature. Have a look at our impression of their interesting way of living…

Our Ecovillage - Stories Lived from Stories Lived

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