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SPECIES, the Third Batch of Wildlife Winners & Losers Films Released!
From Richard Brock/Brock Initiative
7 November 2016

The next (fourth) set of films from the Wildlife Winners & Losers films series are entitled Species... Check them out:

YouTube Playlist: SPECIES Promos: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQouLjrxDNkE3fMhyIHWs9e0dBErfpbwg
Vimeo Album: SPECIES Promos: vimeo.com/album/4284492

Wildlife Winners & Losers: SPECIES Promos from brockinitiative

YouTube Playlist: SPECIES Full Films: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQouLjrxDNkG9w2thiNs3Ur0R3Aw88td7
Vimeo Album: SPECIES Full Films: vimeo.com/album/4284498

Wildlife Winners & Losers: SPECIES Full Films from brockinitiative

"How to turn losers into winners" by Richard Brock

Sir David Attenborough: “Sounds like a very good idea” 2015

The intention of this 60+ film series is to draw attention to the realistic, positive side of wildlife conservation, as well as showing the problems that lie ahead and what might be done to avoid them. The series is not in the same league as major “landmark” productions with big budgets, big teams and, sometimes, big television audiences – sometimes global, sometimes not. Rather, Winners and Losers is an attempt to reach as many people around the world with fairly short films which include a wide variety of people, places, wildlife and issues, that, hopefully, will connect with those who see them. This could be via any form of media, especially social media, which is growing rapidly everywhere. A special team will ensure that maximum reach is achieved. The series has been made with my own funding (based mainly on my BBC pension) and produced with a small team of professionals filming, editing, design, management and distribution. It is possible to show, therefore, that a relatively modest effort can result in a potentially very useful product, if it is planned, made and distributed well. For me, that is my contribution to our unique “living planet” a previous BBC Natural History Unit series on which I had the pleasure of working – as well as on Life on Earth. Since that time, 25 years ago, much has changed in the natural world mainly because of us. Winners and Losers shows some of those changes – both bad news and good news, from recent archive to now. It’s an attempt to encourage the audience, especially young people globally, to care about the planet and its remarkable wildlife. I really hope the series will make a difference. No income is expected – you could call it my legacy I suppose!

To achieve maximum reach and appeal we have made a series of versions of all of the 60+ films. There is a 3-minute series promo and an 18-minute series promo. Each separate film has a 5-minute promo and there is also a “main film” each of about 20-30 minutes, so it is possible to try out each film in several lengths and stages. It is also possible to combine different subjects and lengths – a kind of “mix and match”. To name a few – Kenyan eagles, insect migration, whales and at Sea World, bluefin tuna, elephants, ecotourism, Shell in the Arctic, sea turtles, the River Thames, wolves, squirrels, chimps, rhinos, Galapagos, McDonald’s, hippos, a Bond girl in Sardinia, “Is Dubai Doomed?” Quite a choice, you could say, and all brought right up to date in 2016 from over the last 10-15 years. And the future? I hope the series will help and, indeed, turn losers into winners.

Make sure you keep up-to-date with the series on social media: facebook.com/winnerslosersfilms & @Winners_Losers_

Download the pdf brochure with full details here or visit: Richard-Brock-Winners-and-Losers-60+Films-Coming-Soon.html

Richard's films will be released online in the coming months, in the run up to the Wildscreen Festival and beyond... Keep up-to-date by visiting the film series webpage here: brockinitiative.org/Winners-and-Losers.htm

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Brock Initiative and Living Planet Productions

Comment below or contact: Richard Brock

Visit: brockinitiative.org & facebook.com/brockinitiative & twitter.com/brockinitiative

Brock Initiative and Living Planet Productions

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