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Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

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Award Winners of the NaturVision Film Festival 2013
From Ralph Thoms and Kay Hoffmann of NaturVision Film Festival
August 2013

NaturVision 2013

Four days (18-21 July 2013) packed with over 100 films, exciting encounters, great conversations and a light-hearted award ceremony with happy winners – the NaturVision Film Festival 2013 was a superb success with positives all round:

  • For the first time we were able to show all films in cinemas – and so properly appreciate their filmic qualities.
  • The "NaturVision Grand Prix" award was complemented by the equally prestigious "German Conservation and Sustainability Film Prize".
  • Our activities in the field of environmental education were incredibly successful.

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported us, to our partners and colleagues, our fantastic public and of course the brilliant filmmakers – without whom the thrilling and diverse festival programme would not have been possible! Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the award winners once more. We look forward to seeing you again in 2014!

Best wishes, Ralph Thoms and Kay Hoffmann on behalf of the whole team.

NaturVision Get-together Party
Get-together Party!

Congratulations to all of the 2013 Winners!

NaturVision Grand Prix

1st prize: The Unlikely Leopard
Southafrica 2012 – 52 min
Director: Dereck & Beverly Joubert | Author, Camera: Dereck Joubert | Editing, Sound: Susan Scott | Production: Wildlife Films | Score: JB Arthur | Narrator: Jeremy Irons

2nd prize: Wild Germany: the Lausitz
Germany 2013 – 44 min
Director, Author: Henry M. Mix | Camera: Axel Gebauer, Yann Sochaczewski, Henry M. Mix | Editing: Stefan Reiss | Editorial department: Susanne Lummer (NDR Naturfilm) | Production: Altayfilm | Score: Kolja Erdmann | Sound: Axel Gebauer, Yann Sochaczewski | Narrator: Wolf Frass

German Conservation and Sustainability Film Prize & NaturVision Audience Award

1st prize: The Last Catch
Germany 2012 – 85 min
Director, Author: Markus C.M. Schmidt | Camera: Axel Schneppat | Editing: Sebastian Winkels, Markus C.M. Schmidt | Editorial department: Jutta Krug (WDR) | | Production: Lichtblick | Score: Niko Schabel | Sound: Raimund von Scheibner

2nd prize: Leap of the Lynx
Austria 2012 – 52 min
Director, Author: Klaus Feichtenberger | Camera: Josef Neuper, Francois Botha | Editing: Martin Biribauer | Production: Terra Mater Factual Studios, Wanda Films | Score: Kurt Adametz | Sound: Petra Plank | Narrator: Otto Clemens, Victor Couzyn, Tania Saedi

NaturVision Camera Award

Dust and Stripes
Austria 2013 – 51 min
Director, Author: Adrian Bailey, Robyn Keene-Young | Camera: Adrian Bailey | Editing: Adrian Bailey, Matt Meech | Production: Hat Creek Productions | Score: Alan Lazar | Sound: Robyn Keene-Young, Otto Clemens

NaturVision 2013 Award Winners
NaturVision 2013 Award Winners

NaturVision Best Story Award

The Arctic Gigant
Denmark 2013 – 60 min (Engl. OF)
Director, Camera: Adam Schmedes| Author: Peter Lauridsen | Editing: Jes Paul | Production: Loke Film | Score: Nicklas Schmidt | Sound: Jes Paul | Narrator: Linford Brown

NaturVision Children’s Film Award

Hassani and His Whale Sharks
Germany 2013 – 25 min
Director, Author, Camera: Frank Feustle | Editing: Manfred Gremmer | Editorial department: Ralf Fronz (MDR) | Production: FF-movie.tv | Sound: Malte Kubersky | Narrator: Oliver Rohrbeck, Jonathan Faßhauer

NaturVision Newcomerpreis

San Agustín – Low Tide in a Sea of Plastic Germany
2012 – 71 min (Span. OF, dt. UT)
Director, Author: Gudrun Gruber, Alexander Hick, Michael Schmitt | Camera: Aline Laszlo | Editing: Nina Ergang | Production: HFF München | Score: Pink Martini, Calexico | Sound: Gudrun Gruber, Alexander Hick, Michael Schmitt | Narrator: Francisco Viaplana

NaturVision Special Jury Prize

Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingus Dream
Germany 2012 – 93 min
Director, Author, Camera, Editing: Thomas Riedelsheimer | Editorial department: Sabine Rollberg (WDR) | Production: Filmpunkt, Skyline Productions | Score: Stephan Micus | Sound: Shinya Kitamura u.a. |

NaturVision Youth Jury Award

Saviours of the World 3.0
Germany 2012 – 29 min
Director, Author: Jana Lemme | Camera: Nikolaus Tarouquella | Editing: Timo Jahn | Editorial department: Volker Angres, Steffen Bayer (ZDF) | Production: ZDF | Narrator: Eva-Maria Damasko Guestland China One Men´s Desert China 2011 –26 min Director: Fan Zhiyuan | Camera: Zhang Yadong | Editing: Wu Di, Wang Shuo | Production: Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio | Sound: Wu Yongmei | Narrator: Meng Jianwei

NaturVision Management Ralph Thoms (right) and Dr. Kay Hoffmann (left)
NaturVision Management: Ralph Thoms (right) and Dr. Kay Hoffmann (left)

Visit: festival.natur-vision.de & facebook.com/NaturVision & twitter.com/NaturVision_de

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Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

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