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Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative

The 6th Green-Go International Short Film Contest Winners Announced!
By CEEweb for Biodiversity
18 November 2016

Short films are creative, effective and fun way to ask for changes in policies that affect our everyday lives. This time, for the 6th international Green-Go Short Film Contest, we were looking for engaging, pro-active and awareness raising films in three categories: Act Naturally (European nature), Round’n’Round (circular economy) and Small is Beautiful (small-scale agriculture).

Green-Go International Short Film Contest

This year’s winning films are sending strong messages about these issues, in creative and original forms. Their authors spoke up about the current problems but also offered solutions. Here are the the top five films in each category, starting with the winners – enjoy, watch and share with your friends!

Too cool to be killed from CEEweb for Biodiversity

TOO COOL TO BE KILLED by Brigitta Katyina, Hungary. The winner of the Act Naturally category is an animation film featuring four endangered animals in Europe and showing their beauty, energy and certain timelessness, but also their vulnerability because, in author’s words, the mankind is their main threat: “My origami textures illustrate that they are as weak as paper” – said Brigitta. The end of the film delivers a strong message.

Cradle to Cradle web from CEEweb for Biodiversity

CRADLE TO CRADLE – REMAKING THE WAY WE MAKE THINGS By Martin Pabis, Tammo Trantow, Andreas Foerster, Animal Design Studio, A-Graz, Austria. The winning film of the Round’n’Round category shows a holistic concept in less than 2 minutes and corresponds perfectly to this category’s subject -circular economy. The authors successfully created a story that shows an alternative reality/future (presented with animated elements) by transforming everyday objects into new ones.

Muddy Footprint from CEEweb for Biodiversity

MUDDY FOOTPRINT By Tess Rose Dickinson, United Kingdom. The winner of the Small is Beautiful category is a short documentary filmed on a small organic farm in the heart of Tuscany: “In our [film] we wanted to reflect not only the environmental benefits of small-scale farming, reinforced by on-screen images and illustrations, but more subtly the personal benefits as well. Where there is a ‘lack’ of music, there is an emphasised ‘silence’ portraying a more peaceful, mindful way of life than most of us are accustomed to.” said Tess Rose Dickinson, the author of the film.tory that shows an alternative reality/future (presented with animated elements) by transforming everyday objects into new ones.

Today Tomorrow from CEEweb for Biodiversity

TODAY, TOMORROW By Mustapha Benghernaout, Algeria, was the AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER. Today, we need a lot of energy to satisfy our needs. But unfortunately most of energies that we use is polluting nature and their combustion increases emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. It is essential to stop pollution and replace these fuels with cleaner sustainable energy. If not, it will be too late tomorrow…

Visit: greengofest.eu & facebook.com/greengoshorts & @GreenGoFilm

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