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The 5th Green-Go International Short Film Contest Winners Announced!
By CEEweb for Biodiversity
20 October 2015

Gold mining and dying lakes – these are the winner short films of the 5th Green-Go International Short Film Contest.

Green-Go International Short Film Contest

The dark sides of exploitation, our footprint on Earth and the future of nature – these were the topics of the 5th Green-Go International Short Film Contest. The competition, organised by CEEweb for Biodiversity, received 151 applications from 40 countries. The short films were evaluated by a renowned jury from the filming and nature conservation sector, such as Hesna Al Ghaoui, editor-in-chief of the documentary series named Babel, and Jason Peters nature film maker.

CEEweb launched the call for its short film contest on 27 March, drawing the attention to overconsumption, social and environmental effects of mining, and to the beauties of nature. Applications were received until 15 September with maximum 4 minutes long short films, and the winners were announced on 15 October. 151 short films were submitted, out of which 105 were pre-selected for the online public voting. This year, the jury had a difficult job selecting the best ones, as many-many good quality short films have been submitted.

Member of the jury was among others Hesna Al Ghaoui, journalist and editor-in-chief of a documentary series broadcasting from conflict areas screened on Hungarian national television. “Through the past years I learned how much the way of storytelling counts. (…) I was the eye through what the viewers watched the stories and I was the filter which sorted out, edited and put together the tons of information, feelings and impressions that I met. It is a huge responsibility and a huge blessing when your story makes a change. Even if it is only a minor one.”- says Hesna, who was just awarded with a Hungarian Television award.

Jason Peters was also a jury member, who helps to save the nature through wildlife filming. After working as a zoologist in the rain forests of Northern Vietnam and with cheetah in Southern Africa, he went on to study wildlife film-making in Cape Town. Now he is Managing Director at Wildlife Media Ltd. About the Green-Go topics he says: “The future will be bleak unless we both consume and exploit far less.”

Moreover, jury member was Ákos Malatinszky, president of CEEweb for Biodiversity and associate professor of Szent István University, and Lajos Hollósi, creative designer, winner of a Green-Go category in 2011 with his short film “Once upon a Time” presenting a future visionary Museum of Once Upon a Time Lived Animals.

Winner of the category Our Footprint on Earth is the short film “Take a right step” from Ukraine. According to the director, if we continue to leave such huge footprints on our Earth – which he presents in his 1,5 minutes long short film - there soon might be nobody to leave prints.

Gold rush”, the winner of the Exploitation category, was filmed in Kenya, where we can get a glimpse of the hazardous circumstances of the gold miners, the social inequality and environmental damages through the eye of the German director.

The Barb”, winner of You are part of natue. Live with it! reflects on hope and hopelessness, in the person of a little boy and a dried out lake from where the boy angles a toy fish. The film reminds us that we inherited the Earth from our children.

The short “Twilight” from Turkey won the public award with 3881 likes.

The winners of greengofest.eu were:

1. Our footprint on Earth

Vladimir Pridoroghin - Take a right step from CEEweb for Biodiversity

The ecological state of Ukraine is getting worse every year. Accordingly, health of the nation worsens too. What will happen if no action is taken? If we leave such a trace on our planet, there will be nobody to leave traces soon.

2. Two faces of exploitation

Jonathan Happ - Gold rush from CEEweb for Biodiversity

The true face of informal gold mining worldwide and in Kenya.

3. You are part of Nature. Live with it! (co-organisers of the category: Eurosite and ECNC)

A. S. Hakan GOK - The Barb from CEEweb for Biodiversity

A little boy goes fishing and a beautiful day becomes a nightmare. I tried to use two themes to bring the topic to light. In one of them was a fishing boy symbolizing hope and the future, and the other was the hopeless surface of arid earth. I tried to imagine a sea consisting of mere lifeless images. So emerged “The Barb”.

Top Liked Public Award

S. Okan Aydin - Twilight from CEEweb for Biodiversity

The film (Twilight) shows us very clear at oil, and combat vehicles how destroyed the nature and children future life.

Category winners are awarded with 700 Euros and the public award winner with 500 Euros.

Green-Go 2015 Short Films from CEEweb for Biodiversity

Visit: greengofest.eu & facebook.com/greengoshorts & @GreenGoFilm

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