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Shuklaphanta - Wildlife and People film
By Fabien Lemaire
12 October 2015

Participate in the production of our film and finance the long search of the Tiger of Nepal...


Shuklaphanta, Wildlife and People is a wildlife documentary of Fabien Lemaire. The shooting will begin in January 2016 in Nepal... We leave to the discovery of a small paradise in the west of the country, despite human pressure, managed to resist. Over the seasons, we will discover the territory of tigers, leopards and rhinos. But our aim is also to meet the people of the region, understand the cohabitation between these saved wildlife and local people!

Fabien Lemaire - ShuklaphantaFabien Lemaire - Shuklaphanta

This area is exceptional on account of its many landscapes and its 600 species of animals, 22 of which are critically endangered (like the Asian elephant and the marsh crocodile). It may look like Africa and yet we are well and truly in Asia! The Shuklaphanta Reserve is symbolic because it was the first national park created in Nepal in 1973... Without this decree, the forest would have simply disappeared along with its amazing wealth! Today, surrounded by villages and rice crops, it is protected by the army which is established inside the park itself to combat all kinds of trafficking! Human pressure is colossal and anything can still switch...

Fabien Lemaire - ShuklaphantaFabien Lemaire - Shuklaphanta

The local population has just come out of a period of extreme hardship, with their only income derived from the land. Schooling , drinking water and electricity came in not long ago and years of civil war have not helped the economic situation, while nature protection remains the lowest priority for some! The situation is explosive : how can people be made to understand the importance of protecting nature when this is not part of local culture? The villagers, on the edge of the park, simply have the right to cross it, with no right to hunt or collect fodder for their cows and wood for cooking! How can these kinds of rules be enforced when these people have no understanding of the impact of their actions and if, above all, no training or resources are offered to provide alternative solutions?

The individuals we are going to follow are working towards this. Some inside the park (where they are studying species), others on the edge of the forest training villagers and providing them with support: Growing fodder crops, installing biogas production systems, micro-enterprise training, essential oils production, education and nature awareness in schools. It is a daily struggle for associations and park rangers: if the quality of life can improve, the need to plunder the forest will diminish and the kingdom of Shuklaphanta can continue to look forward to a bright future! NEVER BEFORE has this Nepalese reserve been the topic of a documentary. NO camera has ever filmed the amazing fauna living here!

Find out more about the film and how you can help here: www.shuklaphanta-film.com

teaser "SHUKLAPHANTA, des animaux et des hommes" from fabienlemaire

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shuklaphantafilm
Twitter: @fabienlemaire / #Shuklaphanta

Fabien Lemaire - Shuklaphanta

Also visit: www.fabienlemaire.com

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