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Brolly and The Recipe!
By Brollyman
January 2015

The Recipe

The Story

Hi all, my name is Brolly, and this is my first ever solo project which has been five months in the making.

I live in Wales with my fab wife and crazy boys Josh & Sam {Team Tiger}. When I'm not writing music you can find me fishing or out and about on family adventures, probably hunting dinosaurs.

My day job is that of a TV composer. I write music for wildlife programmes and children’s animation. I’m about as far removed from being a pop star or rock musician as you could possibly imagine... for more on Brolly and his day job please visit the website.


Back in 2013 I wrote the music for a wildlife programme about an African animal called the honey badger. As is often the case with these projects finding the right music for the show can be a lengthy process. On this occasion we started with African Kwaito music and ended up with something much more dramatic and filmic. Once the job was done and dusted I listened back to the unused tracks and felt something good about them. I didn’t just want to archive them off to be forgotten so I set to work on a fun little project and here I am five months later with twelve finished tracks and some great performances. Using google I found musicians and sent them tracks and grooves to work on, I then experimented with what came back.

As well as getting musicians to play on the tracks I also asked them to write some lyrics being an appalling lyricist myself. So I gave each writer a subject matter and ideas then let them do whatever they wanted. I didn’t think it was fair to try and edit to rewrite their lyrics so we just went with whatever came back, although it is quite funny that Imunandi translates as ‘It's nice having it day and night’. I asked LaShame what ‘It’ might be and he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

I will also be donating 15% of all record sales to the Mercy Ships. Earlier this year I wrote the music for a BBC’s children’s channel CBBC programme about The Mercy Ships that travel around Africa giving free medical help, surgery etc. to people who need it. Check them out, they’re amazing.

Mercy Ships

I still don’t know why I did the album but I’m glad that I did and hope you enjoy the raggle taggleness of it.

The Team

Sadio Cissohko - Cora / vocals on ’Tilo’, and fixer for the other Senegal musicians
Mariama Kouyaté - Vocals on Tilo
Yassine Mboup - Backing vocals on Tilo
Samba Ndokh Mbaye - Talking drum on Tilo, Kaira
Master B - Rap on Tilo
Mouctar Ndiongue - Drums on Tilo
Ousmane Ba - Fula Flute on Tilo, Kaira
Baro Sall - Xalam / guitar on Tilo, Kaira
Sarah Campbell-Horner - Backing vocals
laShame - Rap on Corruption, backing vocals on Waking Up
Noelle Mdadane - Vocals on Sunrise, Waking Up, backing vocals on It’s Nice, Waking Up, The Time
SK - Vocals on Sunset, backing vocals on Waking Up, The Time, It’s Nice
Gbubemi Amas - Vocals on Be Thankful, The Recipe, Under the Tree, backing vocals on Waking Up
Sylvain Leroux - Fula flute on The Walk, Under the Tree
Jon Howells - Drums & percussion on most of the album
Gethin Liddington - Trumpet
Sovra Wilson-Dickson - Violin on The Walk
Robert Palmer - Double Bass on Kora Dreams
Hafod Mastering - Album mastering
Sycamore Studios - Vocal recording
Andy Davies - RPM Studios Carl
Evans Mix - Engineer, Producer and bass

Full details at www.parasolcity.com

Available on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and iTunes


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