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Borneo Wildlife Warriors – The New Scubazoo Series Launched – Because the Jungle is Worth Fighting for!
From Scubazoo
4 April 2017


New Online Series Charts Fight to Save the Most Enigmatic and Endangered Animals on Earth

Borneo Wildlife Warriors

There are few places that evoke the magic and mystery of Borneo: dense jungles packed with exotic animals, including orangutans, sun bears and the world’s smallest elephant. However Borneo’s rainforests—and all that inhabit it—are facing colossal threats. Deforestation, illegal wildlife and pet trade and the traditional medicine trade are all threatening the survival of these unique animals.

Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv

The Wildlife Rescue Unit are an elite group of vets and rangers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with human-animal conflict. Through rehabilitation programmes, relentless rescues and relocations, they are tasked with saving Borneo’s wildlife—and their exhausting, often dangerous work is now the subject of a new online show, Borneo Wildlife Warriors.

Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv

“The series shows a real behind the scenes look at what goes on at our ‘rescues’. Its basically a reality show on our wildlife rescues and also portrays the many wonderful characters within the WRU whose great deeds and heroic attempts save wildlife in Sabah,” said Dr. Sen, head of the WRU.

Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv

In this stunning 4k series, we meet the heroes of Borneo’s jungles, as they welcome British wildlife photojournalist Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski into their ranks and attempt to turn him into a fully- edged ranger. Poignant, exhilarating, and at times amusing, Borneo Wildlife Warriors is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Borneo’s jungles.

Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv

What to expect:

  • Weekly webisodes brought to you from the jungles of Borneo
  • Featuring elephants, orangutans, sun bears, gibbons, slow loris, pangolins, leopard cats and more...
  • Follows the work of Sabah’s Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU): vets and rangers working to protect endangered wildlife
  • Follow the WRU’s attempts to turn wildlife photojournalist Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski into a ranger
  • Investigates the threats posed by deforestation, the illegal pet trade, the traditional medicine trade and more, as we go on breath-taking rescues and relocations.
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv


  • Meet the WRU: who are these Wildlife Warriors?
  • The motivation: how the death of 14 elephants sparked an environmental photojournalist’s desire to join the WRU
  • Boot Camp: the training regime of a wildlife ranger
  • How to handle elephants, snakes and other dangerous animals
  • Caring for an injured pangolin, the world’s most traf cked animal
  • Entering a village to capture a large monitor lizard
  • The illegal pet trade and adorable gibbons
  • Elephant darting: a week-long mission to catch an elephant trapped inside a palm oil plantation.
  • Sun bear operations: checking the health of the world’s smallest and second most endangered bear.
  • Mother and baby orangutan capture: dif cult scenes as a badly malnourished mother and her offspring are caught in a plantation
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv
Borneo Wildlife Warriors - SZtv

Brought to you by SZtv: a new online wildlife channel by Asia’s leading natural history lming and photography company, SCUBAZOO

All images © Scubazoo

Borneo Wildlife Warriors from SZtv

Sabah Wildlife Department
Wildlife Rescue Unit

Episodes are being released on the SZtv Facebook page, and all SZtv programs can be watched online at Scubazoo.tv.

Scubazoo's SZtv

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