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You’ve got to dream it to live it!
By Danielle Ryan, Bluebottle Films
17 June 2015

James Sherwood - Bluebottle Films
The stunning Opal Reef off Port Douglas - © James Sherwood, Bluebottle Films

If you told us a year ago that we would drive more than five thousand kilometers up and down the east coast of Australia and also fly to Tasmania and Western Australia to film documentaries on the ocean, we would have pinched ourselves with disbelief.

What started as a conversation in a pub over beers, turned into a life-fulfilling journey. It was James Sherwood’s childhood dream to film underwater, and he just so happened to share that dream with the right person.

Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films
James Sherwood doing some underwater filming of Dr. Dean Miller and Wave Finder boat owner, John Edmondson, for the Sea & Me part 2 3
© Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films

Before he could blink an eye, he was sitting on the marlin board at the back of a manta ray research vessel, twisting his head over his shoulders waiting for researcher, Frazer McGregor, to call out ‘Go’.

And, off James went with a big smile on his face, lunging into the water, and filming his first ever manta ray.

Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films
James Sherwood doing some underwater filming of Dr. Dean Miller for A Journey through the Eyes of the Reef
© Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films

In the past year, James and I have filmed about 80 minutes worth of material, including three short documentaries and six vignettes. Recently, we won the Underwater World prize at the Fremantle Underwater Film Festival and the Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award at the MY HERO International Film Festival.

Our story goes to show that dreams do come true, and it is something we really try to portray in our work by choosing to work with talent, who defy the odds and do meaningful things.

Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films
James Sherwood of Bluebottle Films films Ocean Rafting Skipper Sarah Perry placing the anchor at Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsundays
© Danielle Ryan - Bluebottle Films

James Sherwood has a marine science degree and has worked in film and television ever since he can remember, and Danielle Ryan has creative writing and international relations degrees with a background in publishing, broadcast journalism and media.

They live together on the northern beaches in Sydney, Australia, and this is what Danielle has to say, reflecting on filming on this topic about the value of marine parks, which (unlike James) she had no prior knowledge about:

Behind the Scenes: Filming Australia's Marine Parks from Bluebottle Films

See what it was like to journey across Australia to film stories about our local connection to the ocean and to explore the science behind the value of marine parks and sanctuary areas, which are giving nature a chance to restore itself.

Documentary-makers Danielle Ryan and James Sherwood have filmed three short documentaries on this theme from July 2014 to May 2015 including:

The Sea & Me (27 mins 29 secs);

The Sea & Me from Bluebottle Films

My Saltwater Sanctuary (19 mins 28 secs);

My Saltwater Sanctuary - The Prologue from Bluebottle Films

A Journey through The Eyes of the Reef (15 mins 26 secs);

Plus, six short vignettes.
My Saltwater Sanctuary won the 'Underwater World' prize at the Fremantle Underwater Film Festival February 2015, and a vignette-style cut-down of The Sea & Me called With Change Comes Opportunity won the Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award in June 2015 as a part of the MY HERO Film Festival. MacGillivray Freeman, who sponsored this award through the One World One Ocean Campaign said: "We felt that this video presented a critical message about the importance of Marine Protected Areas from a former fisherman’s point of view. This is such a huge issue and this kind of messaging is key to having people understand the value of Marine Protected Areas for fishermen. The video was thoughtfully constructed, with the sole purpose of gaining support for marine reserves, which are so essential for ocean recovery."

Find them on www.instagram.com/bluebottlefilms or www.facebook.com/BluebottleFilms

Bluebottle Films

Visit: www.bluebottlefilms.com

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