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VFX - Yusuf Thakur
(Visual Effects & Productions LLC)
P.O.Box 49265

Phone: +971 43 471 248
Mobile: +971 554 153 373
Fax: +971 43 479 335

Email: vfxdubai@gmail.com

Website: www.vfxme.com

Our objective at VFX has always been to house the best talent armed with cutting edge equipment.

We offer every aspect of video production from production through post utilizing our 4000 sq. ft. studio.

In house facilities include 100KW of lighting, grip, jibs, dollies, a Redone, Epic, and a Scarlet, besides 3 HD cameras.

Post facilities include two 4K/2K/HD-edit suites, and a digital sound studio.

We have been filming wildlife in the Middle East since 1993, since 2003 on HD, and from 2008 on the Redone and thus have one of the most extensive wildlife footage libraries, both topside and underwater, in the region.

We would love to collaborate with all who share a passion for the Natural World.

Yusuf Thakur

Yusuf is a filmmaker based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A qualified Filmmaker, with a degree in Film Direction, he has been producing films across the gamut from Television Commercials, Tele-serials, Music Videos & the most fulfilling, for the last twenty years Wildlife/Nature Documentaries.

He heads VFX Productions, a studio based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Till date he has produced ten Wildlife/Nature documentaries. His latest is a series of 45mins X 3 films based on the Wildlife and Environment of the region, filming for which has been completed and series is in the final stages of post-production. In 2010 he completed “Rak-Tree of Life” which presents five trees, their environment, flora and fauna and the part played by them in the life, heritage, and culture of people of UAE. His other recent films are “Bu Tinah” nomination film for the new seven wonders of the world, “Tracking Mermaids” and “Abu Dhabi – Home of the Legendary Mermaids” both are based on dugongs found in the waters of UAE.

His past work has won awards at Jackson Hole, IWFF Montana, and Earth-vision. His Kilimanjaro's Elephants film has been selected at Wildlife Vassa 2016.

He would like to produce, work, collaborate, co-produce films on Conservation, Pure Wildlife, and children's based nature programs. Specifically work on films based on the Middle-East, and the Indian Subcontinent. Past films have been based on birds, dugongs, islands, mangroves and deserts. Would love to work with broadcasters on co-productions.

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