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Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

This World Can Ltd
United Kingdom

This World Can Ltd

Phone: +44 (0)7885 623 401

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Email: tom@thisworldcan.com

Website: www.thisworldcan.com

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An experienced and reliable filmmaker with a passion for crafting work that inspires lasting environmental and social change.

My key skills are:

  • Visual storytelling
  • Video editing
  • International filming experience (especially Africa and Europe)
  • Professional, polite and personable business manner; great client facing skills
  • Crew and shoot management
  • Able to work independently, yet a welcomed team player
  • Budget creation and management

My three disciplines:

    Editing is how I found my love for filmmaking over 10-years ago. I'm an emotive editor that loves nothing more than seeing people enjoy my work.
    With over 5-years of production experience under my belt, I know how to deliver projects to a brief, on time and on budget. I love collaborating with my clients and building a team from my network of talented crew members.
    I'm a creative and hardworking camera operator with a Sony FS5 cinema camera and other kit for creating a quality, professional look.

I have a natural instinct for customer service and love collaborating with others to drive projects forward.

Tom Nelson

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