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Simon Beer

Simon Beer

Flying Monkey Films
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7934 010 000 & +44 (0)20 3691 3774

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Email: sbeer@mac.com

Website: www.simonbeer.com

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Simon is an owner/operator specialising in remote aerial video using state of the art radio controlled multirotor aircraft.

These lightweight machines are tremendously versatile and provide amazing camera angles and superb high definition 1080 25/50P footage.

Back on land Simon has a full 4K shooting kit based around the RED Scarlet camera system, his kit includes a selection of lenses including primes, zooms and macro - also available for hire.

Please contact Simon with any work enquiries you may have.

Simon is also a Wildeye camera tutor.

Showreel coming soon.

Flying Monkey Aerial Filming

Website: www.flyingmonkeyfilms.co.uk

Specialists in Aerial Video and Photography
We specialise in flying remotely piloted lightweight camera equipped drones to capture stunning aerial video and stills photos from a totally unique and engaging perspective.

A professional service with CAA Permission to Fly
Our pilots have undergone extensive training and have all passed the BNUC-S qualification issued by the European Unmanned System Centre (EuroUSC). We have full permission to fly from the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as well as public liability insurance covering us for five million pounds. We carry out risk assessments and follow the health and safety policies in our operations manual to provide a safe and efficient flight and service.

Lightweight, go anywhere, rapid deployment
Our area of expertise lays with small, lightweight camera drones / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Our systems are highly transportable and are housed in compact ABS plastic flight cases and can be rapidly deployed and ready to fly in a matter of minutes. Our remotely piloted aircraft weigh in at less than 1.5kg each and can remain airborne for 20 minutes at a time.

Aerial video
Aerial video can instantly give your video production the Hollywood look at a fraction of the price. Our camera systems film full 1920x1080 high definition video at 25 and 50 frames a second, allowing us to produce efficient slow motion shots without the need to 'fake' it when editing.

Owing to the size of our systems we can fly in confined spaces and produce shots that are simply stunning.

The green alternative to helicopters
Our aircraft are powered by efficient high capacity batteries that allow us to remain airborne for up to 20 minutes with needing to land to change batteries.

We are allowed by law to fly up to 400 feet high and can capture stunning vistas at a fraction of the cost and impact on the environment that a full size helicopter or aircraft makes.

We can fly almost anywhere as long as we have the correct permissions in place. We've flown all over the country taking photos of various subjects and we just love a challenge.

Our four wheel drive pick up trucks can get us pretty much anywhere and have the capacity to carry our aerial kit and a lot more in addition.

New for 2014
We'll be shortly adding BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera equipped hexacopters to our fleet. These larger aircraft weigh in at around 7kg and feature full three axis Zenmuse gimbals and retractable legs as well as single or twin operator control. Contact us for details!

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