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Shazaad Kasmani

Shazaad Kasmani

Wild Kenya Safaris

Phone: +254 735 353 589 & +254 728 888 889

Email: shazaad.kasmani@gmail.com

Website: 500px.com/shazaadkasmani & wildkenyasafaris.blogspot.com

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Born, raised and residing in Kenya, I am a Wildlife Cameraman and Natural History Filmmaking consultant with experience working in all major Kenyan National Parks and Marine Parks.

My expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Wildlife Cameraman
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Wildlife Film-making
  • LIVE Broadcasting
  • Location Scouting
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Organizing and facilitating documentary interviews with locals and/or Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Fixing and Facilitation Services
  • Organizing Wildlife Photography and Filmmaking safaris with professional driver guides who speak English, German, French and Italian
  • Wildlife Stock Photos and Footage
  • Lodge and Camp accommodation arrangements
  • Wildlife Location / Habitat recommendations and research
  • Conducting and leading Wildlife Photography workshops
  • Presenting
  • Location logistics and management by Road, Air and Boat
  • Safari vehicle rentals with experienced local drivers
  • Swahili translations
  • and much much more...

About Me:

I feel most at home when out in nature and am passionate about filming and photographing both Wildlife and Marine life. I love displaying their unique behavior, their extraordinary natural habitats and showcasing the fascinating lives that they lead.

Unlike other wildlife cameramen who specialize in either Marine or Terrestrial wildlife only, I'm quite the all rounder as i have experienc filming and photographing our natural history as a whole ~ Land, Air and Sea!

My work has been published in National Geographic magazine and commended in various photography competitions. My fondness for natural history inclines me to write and publish articles & photographs for various locally based newspapers, international magazines and conservation organizations.

Being regularly out on location in the Kenyan wilderness, I have developed a sixth sense when it comes to animal behavior and have also offered my expertise to other international wildlife documentary filmmakers and researchers. I have been following the lives of seven different lion prides in the Tsavo East National Park for about ten years so naturally am a huge fan of Big Cats! My core areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Tsavo East & Tsavo West National Parks, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Taita Hills, Lumo & Ngutuni Sanctuaries, Mombasa Marine Park and Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve.

One of my proudest achievements was when I was appointed by the Kenya Wildlife Service as an Honorary Game Warden after years of dedication to saving distressed and injured wildlife, combating bush meat poachers as well as educating the general public on our country's wildlife heritage.

I am affiliated with Kenya Coast Tourist Association on the Conservation and Regulation Committee, The Shimba Support Group as the Chairman and am a regular contributor to SWARA Magazine of the East African Wildlife Society.

Born, raised and living in Kenya I love sharing natural history stories with anyone keen to listen to them!

I have also consulted for wildlife documentary filmmakers such as:

  • Green Heart Films, for the series "Blue In Focus"
  • Silverback Films, for the BBC 1 & BBC Worldwide series "The Hunt"

Some affiliations I am involved with:

  • Wild Kenya Safaris - www.wildkenyasafaris.com
  • Kenya Wildlife Service - Honorary Game Warden.
  • Shimba Support Group - Chairman.
  • East African Wildlife Society  - Wildlife Photographer
  • Coastweek Newspapers - Wildlife Photographer
  • Kenya Coast Tourist Association - Conservation & Regulation Committee
  • Dive Operators Association Of Kenya  - Committee Member


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