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Richard Mann

Richard Mann

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7596 700 735

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Email: rjmann89@gmail.com

Website: www.richardmann.org

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I'm a Camera Operator/ Assistant/ Time-lapse specialist and DIT based in Bristol. Bit of a mouthful I know, but hey.. I've been in the media industry a while now and fulfilled many roles in that time.

I'm familiar with most major camera formats (Red, Arri, Canon, Sony etc..) and very capable handling commonly used steady and motion control rigs (DJI Ronin, Jimmy Jib etc..) and specialise in Time-lapse motion control.

Richard Mann

I'm particularly geared towards wildlife and adventure based documentaries having completed an undergrad and masters in 'Wildlife Documentary Production'. During my masters I discovered a passion for time-lapse and have been lucky enough to produce plant time-lapse content for a number of Bristol based productions including: The Great British Bake Off, Harvest 2015 and The World's Biggest Flower Market.

I'm available for hire along with a complete 4K filming and motion control time-lapse kit. Nature really has the best stories and I love being able to show it off with spectacular visuals.


Richard Mann

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