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Ricardo Guerreiro

Ricardo Guerreiro

Ricardo Guerreiro Fotografia

Phone: +351 910 732 177

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Email: mail@rguerreiro.com

Website: www.rguerreiro.com

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I'm a natural history filmmaker/photographer working in Portugal. My films aired on the Portuguese television and were featured in DVDs accompanying nature photography books. My pictures have been featured in National Geographic magazine (Portugal edition) and other relevant Portuguese press. I've authored a photography book on the local wildlife of my home town and a children's book on the same topic.

I can work (Portugal or abroad) as:

  • cameraman
  • editor
  • field researcher
  • production stills photographer

You can watch teasers for my latest films, co-directed with my colleague and nature photographer Luís Quinta, below:

Almada - Between the River and the Sea (2014) - www.vimeo.com/82338831
Arrábida - From the Mountain to the Sea (2013) - www.vimeo.com/67712282


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