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Niall Stopford

Niall Stopford

United Kingdom

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I am a zoology graduate with a proven track record as a researcher for blue-chip content, receiving excellent feedback from Silverback Films and Oxford Scientific Films. I am experienced at managing data and equipment in harsh field conditions, comfortable using interchangeable lens and DSLR cameras as well as logging (Cat DV) and editing footage (Adobe PP). I also speak Spanish to a strong conversational level.

I produced a documentary on chestnut crowned babblers in the Australian outback which was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Documentary at NaSTA 2016. The film Cooperation in the Arid Zone explains the babblers' co-operative breeding and how scientists are studying the evolution of this behaviour. Producing this film developed my scriptwriting and directing skills, giving me confidence to approach shoots both creatively and logistically.

As I search for junior positions I am reading widely to find interesting natural history stories that could be adapted into sequences. I am also writing up programme ideas into treatments and planning future creative projects.

Niall StopfordNiall Stopford


Niall StopfordNiall Stopford

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