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Morten Gildberg-Hansen

Morten Gildberg



Phone: +45 2060 4183

Website: www.mortengildberg.com

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I am a Danish music composer, orchestrator and pianist based in Odense, Denmark.

With a strong and diverse back catalogue consisting of 220+ compositions in various styles and genres - each piece of music created with one purpose in mind: to help tell a great story - I feel confident that I will be able to provide you with the most beautiful score possible for your production.

My music has appeared in film- and television productions all over the world, including Norway, Lithuania, Italy, The United States, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, South Korea, Germany, Finland, Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Hongkong, Faroe Islands, France, The United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia.

One production which I am particularly proud of is DISCOVER THE WILDERNESS OF THE UAE. This natural history documentary film, which aired on the Discovery Channel in the fall of 2016, was produced by Jonathan Ali Khan and Wild Planet Productions in Dubai. Parts of the score for this film was recorded by The Budapest Art Orchestra, a world-class European symphony orchestra based in Budapest, Hungary. DISCOVER THE WILDERNESS OF THE UAE was sponsored by Emirates Airline, and the film is available on ‘ice’, the Emirates in-flight entertainment system.

I love meeting talented new people, and I always enjoy working on new and inspiring projects. If you feel like collaborating, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you very much for watching and listening!

Some examples of my work:
Morten Gildberg  Fairytale Waltzes

Album number 1 – Fairytale Waltzes: aplpublishing.com/albums/apl-430 - Solo album

A collection of beautiful and light classical pieces featuring piano, strings and woodwinds in gentle arrangements full of magic and elegance.

Created for charming documentaries about nature and romantic scenes in feature movies.

Morten Gildberg – Science Underscores

Album number 2 – Science Underscores: aplpublishing.com/albums/apls-135 - Solo album

Minimal and intriguing underscores with rich instrumentation featuring organic metal ensemble, upright piano, baritone violin, muted guitars and synths.

For research, investigation, science and technology topics.

Morten Gildberg – World Landscapes

Album number 3 – World Landscapes: aplpublishing.com/albums/apl-439 - Shared album (with other composers)

Intriguing collection of world and ethnic music pieces drawing from various musical traditions, but mainly the ones from Asia - from the Middle East, through India up to China and Japan.

Beautiful combination of traditional and modern instruments useful in all types of documentaries and travel programs.

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