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Max Moller

Max Moller

Black Devil Productions

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Max Moller

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Max Moller is the answer for all your extreme outdoor/nature based filming. Residing in the Tasmanian Wilderness, he can climb, fly, jump and dive to the most far flung places, and most importantly get you back. In a previous life, Max served time in the armed special forces with survival skills in high mountain altitudes to deserts and forests, but has since swapped his weapons to shoot with a camera. Unable to shake his love for adrenaline, Max now spends his time hiking, rafting and climbing to remote areas searching for endangered animals or interesting natural areas. Max is fluent in both English and Spanish and approaches everything he does with equally adrenaline pumped enthusiasm. Not only is Max an energetic presenter with credits including National Geographic, Extreme Fishing, David Attenborough and many others but also has experience in production management showing attention to detail and knowing the perfect outdoor location to film in Tasmania where only someone with local knowledge and bush craft skills can take you.

Max Moller has had hands-on experience with outdoor survival spending years training in the armed special forces and knows how to navigate the roughest terrain. He now uses those skills to carry his camera and filming places that have never been filmed before, such as descending remote waterfalls, high mountain lakes and untouched wilderness. Max knows how to find the perfect shot for any type of location and has the stamina to keep going through rain, hail, snow or shine to make it happen.

Max Moller

Max Moller is the director of Black Devil Productions who is creating new ways to promote wildlife films in Tasmania and around the planet focusing on Tasmanian Devils. As a filmmaker and director he knows your needs having experience being a wilderness location researcher and fixer for many productions from around the world. Black Devil Productions is an independent production company based in Tasmania, Australia. We have in house producers, cameramen, explorers and scientists to specialise in producing wildlife documentaries about the flora and fauna of Tasmania to the endless choices of scenery, from wilderness, pristine beaches, open grassy plains, dry bush, rivers, high mountain lakes or snow capped peaks. With military outdoor survival training, Max can safely take you to some of the most remote areas of Tasmania, to experience one of the wildest places on the planet.

Max Moller


The Platypus Journey from Black Devil Productions
Extremely rare footage shot in super HD following a platypus walk between creeks in Tasmania.

Max Moller

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