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Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7934 882347

Email: josh@joshuaharriswildlife.co.uk

Website: www.joshuaharriswildlife.co.uk

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I found my degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge fascinating, however my main focus is still the excitement of encountering elusive species in the wild. My ambition is to convey this excitement through filmmaking and photography, as well as communicate the importance of protecting and, in particular, restoring, a thriving natural world.

Through producing my own short natural history films I feel that I have improved a lot at presenting, editing (in Adobe Premiere Pro), and making sequences - overall gaining a good grounding in the multiple aspects of production. Furthermore, I am an accomplished stills photographer, having been shortlisted 10 times in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and an engaging public speaker, having given 7 well-received talks about my photography to local natural history and photography societies. I also have an excellent level of fitness, having run 160 miles in 4 days to raise money for the Beaver Trust. Therefore, I feel that I am well placed to assist on several aspects of film production - either as a researcher, a runner, or an assistant camera op.

Recently I have branched out into producing videos with a greater emphasis on science communication rather than wildlife alone. I am especially passionate about nature restoration and rewilding, using historical data to inform baselines for restoration, the importance of megafauna to the functioning of ecosystems and the earth system in general, and how we can reconcile ambitious nature conservation with farming. I will continue presenting my own videos and would welcome constructive feedback on how I can improve as a presenter.

Please visit my website www.joshuaharriswildlife.co.uk to see a portfolio of my photography and films, or view my CV to see a more detailed breakdown of my skills and experience.


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