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Gunjan Menon

Gunjan Menon

University of West of England
United Kingdom

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Wildlife Film-maker. Producer/Director, Camera Operator, Photographer, Editor, Story Researcher, Image Editor.

Gunjan is a freelance documentary filmmaker who focuses on making conservation mainstream. Her first independent short film, The Firefox Guardian, sharing the story about a bond between an indigenous woman and wild red pandas won multiple accolades with over 32 International awards and nominations across 13 countries including a student BAFTA nomination and an honourable mention at the UN headquarters, New York! Since then, she has worked on the conservation-adventure TV series, 'On the Brink', aired on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, presented a digital short for BBC's Blue Planet II Live Digital Stories, highlighting olive ridley sea turtle hatchlings and climate change affecting their cycles. Wrote a book on the Habitats Trust Grants which highlights the work of grassroots conservationists across India. AND works as a bat rescuer, actively rehabilitating urban pipistrelles and fruit bats. She aims to tell impactful stories and give a voice to the voiceless through her craft.


Red Panda numbers are dangerously decreasing in the wild. There could be less than 2500 red pandas left in the wild. But there’s some hope. Tucked amidst the spectacular Eastern Himalayan ridges in Nepal, there is a very special community forest that has come together to save these red pandas. A native of these forests, ‘Menuka’ is the youngest and one of the only two women working as a ‘Forest Guardian’ with the Red Panda Network. This is a story about Menuka breaking stereotypes and following her heart to save her favourite animals, the endangered red pandas.

This is a Masters degree film project by Gunjan Menon for MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, Bristol, UK. Crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

Gunjan Menon

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