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DOP: Giuseppe Bucciarelli

Terra Conservation Films

Terra Conservation Films
Via XXV Aprile, 24
Fiesole 50014

Phone: +39 333 108 2482

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Email: giuseppe@terraconservationfilms.com

Website: www.terraconservationfilms.com

Giuseppe is a film-maker and a biologist with fifteen years of research experience in ecology and molecular biology. He worked for major scientific institutions both in the US and in Europe.

In 2004 he produced the multi-awarded film AHMED AND THE RETURN OF THE ARAB PHOENIX, a compelling story about the re-discovery in the Middle-East of an iconic bird, the Syrian Northern Bald Ibis.

In 2009 Giuseppe moved to Kenya and founded his production company, Terra Conservation Films. He collaborates with several conservation organizations and wildlife experts to make films about endangered ecosystems and raise awareness on conservation issues.

In 2012 he got his Documentary Campus Master degree (Munich, Germany).

Giuseppe's documentaries have been aired on PBS (USA) and the National Geographic Channel and were awarded at major wildlife film festivals around the world.

ORG Name

Terra Conservation Films is an award-winning production company specialized in working with non-profit organizations and nature enterprises to make documentaries focusing on the conservation of the natural world and the interaction between people and the environment.

If you need a video to fundraise, increase your outreach, raise awareness and promote action, Terra Conservation Films can assist you in finding the best approach through films of unique visual and conceptual impact.

We use broadcast-quality audio and video equipment to always deliver to you top quality services.

For more information, please visit our website at www.terraconservationfilms.com

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