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George Vlad

George Vlad

Mindful Audio
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7549 059 530

Email: hyppocrites@gmail.com

Website: www.mindful-audio.com

Mindful Audio

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Sound production, post production and music for media.

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Woodland Atmosphere is a collection of ambiences recorded in wooded areas around Edinburgh by George Vlad. These include birdsong from species such as wren, robin or blackbird; crows, magpies and ravens cawing; wood pigeons cooing; woodpeckers hammering; various birds flapping their wings and flying overhead; soft and medium intensity wind, and the subtle air of the woodland. Visit: www.mindful-audio.com/#/woodland-atmosphere


How to record immersive nature soundscapes

This video is made with the help of my Patreon supporters: patreon.com/georgevlad

Field Recording Adventures - Season 1 Teaser

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