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George Close

George Close

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7799 643 553

Email: georgehjclose@gmail.com

Website: thetalentmanager.co.uk/talent/41467/george-close

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I have decided to put my immediate natural history broadcast ambitions on hold and to pursue a career in environmental law. Coupling the skills acquired from my undergraduate degree and employment history, I hope to create a strong foundation, enabling me to excel on my new pursuit into law. Studying zoology helped me develop the ability to critically analyse, concisely synthesise and clearly portray information in a persuasive manner. Similarly, the structure of researching and producing television and radio has taught me how to refine speech and define a clear narrative when presenting a subject.

By no means have I lost my interest in broadcast media, and I hope as my career develops I will be able tie these two interests together and pursue them in parallel. All being well, my law experience will provide a unique insight into natural history and human world documentary presenting.

Furthermore, relating to broadcast media, I am a hardworking and personable individual that is always looking for part-time or fixed term contract opportunities during my legal studies. With my scientific and new legal knowledge, I can be a useful asset to any projects which require some relevant research or coordination.

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