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Foster Brother Productions

Foster Brother Film Productions
Cape Town
South Africa

Producer/Director/Cameraman/Editor: Craig Foster & Damon Foster

Contact via: member@wildlife-film.com

Website: www.senseafrica.com

Brothers, Craig and Damon Foster, are widely regarded as being South Africa's top wildlife, culture and anthropology film-makers.

The brothers' primary intent lies in telling stories with the voice of Africa herself and creating film experiences that enable the viewer to gain an intense and deep insight into the natural and cultural dynamics of this ancient continent.

They have over 25 years in the business.

They have won over 50 national and international awards.

The Sea-Change Project

This feature documentary marks Craig Foster’s return to filmmaking after 8 years dedicated to immersing himself in deep nature and learning the secrets of the kelp forest – a marine wilderness that fringes the city of Cape Town.

It is the story of his relationship with the Superstar – an eight-legged, underwater magician who teaches him the oldest language on earth – the ability to track in nature. Craig spent years in the Kalahari learning to track from San Bushmen masters without success. He grew increasingly despondent about his inability to truly connect to the wild and fell into despair and depression.

This is his personal story of recovery and renewal through rediscovering the power of deep nature and the true nature of humanity.

Craig’s story is told through multiple lenses, including biological science, indigenous wisdom and new political philosophy. He has been filming this project for over five years, with Philippa Ehrlich editing and co-writing.

The film showcases the kelp forest with a level of intimacy and sophistication that has never been seen before and follows an individual animal (the Superstar) for the duration of her life – something that has seldom been achieved in the wild, let alone underwater.

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Sea Change Book

Sea Change Book: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking
by Craig Fister and Ross Frylinck

There is a wild sea-forest growing beneath the wind and waves at the southern tip of Africa. Here, millions of creatures live in a borderless realm still ungoverned by man and it is strange and beautiful beyond the telling.

Craig Foster and Ross Frylinck grew up playing in these forests, and this early immersion in the ocean had a subtle and profound impact on the course of their lives. The book, edited by Philippa Ehrlich, documents their rediscovery of the forests of their childhood and showcases Craig’s photographic work over the past decade.

Craig has become a world expert in kelp forest ecology and developed the world’s first form of underwater tracking. Diving without wetsuits in the icy waters, both Ross and Craig discovered how immersion in the cold generated new reserves of energy for their minds and bodies, and how curious forest creatures became more receptive to them.

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