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Dick Harrewijn

Dick Harrewijn

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (031)206 37 47 57

Mobile: +31 (0)6 18 18 26 55

Email: ik@dickharrewijn.com

Websites: www.dickharrewijn.com & www.iawf.org.uk

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Dick Harrewijn

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Being a documentary cameraman for years I've specialised mainly in National History.

Next to this I have developed good experience as a Camera Assistant and Sound Recordist.

Dick HarrewijnDick Harrewijn

From the start of my first days in Film making I’ve gained much experience from pre- to post-production. I’m best described as a young cameraman with good knowledge of post production workflows and decent knowledge of the natural world.

Work at an equipment rental company and post production facility brought me good knowledge of both. Equipment-wise this has brought me good experience all sorts of cameras like the Red One, Alexa and DSLR. With the experience in such cameras, I have worked a lot as digital Clapper-loader on Dutch feature films an commercials.

I'd love to work story driven. I believe thats the only way. I love to work in teams but I’m very capable of working on my own as well. I’m self driven, fast in troubleshooting and always in search of new adventures!

Dick Harrewijn

Recent credits:

VROEGE VOGELS (early birds) TV SHOW - Vroege vogels is a Dutch TV show about wildlife in the Netherlands. I'm working as their main wildlife cameraman. Main focus is animal behaviour and so shooting everything from macro to longlens work and from remote cameras to high speed with Phantom cameras. See: www.vroegevogels.vara.nl

The New Wildernis – Possibly the biggest wildlife production ever shot in the Netherlands. The New Wildernis shows the Dutch National Park Oostvaardersplassen like never before. A natural area of only 6,000 hectares carrying the nickname 'Dutch Serengeti' and unique in Europe See: www.denieuwewildernis.nl/de-film Trailer below.

Also see this Feature Page: www.wildlife-film.com/features/The-New-Wilderness

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- European red wood ant (Formica polyctena - kale bosmier)
- Great diving beetle larva (Dytiscus marginalis geelgerande watertorlarve)
- Dung beetle (Geotrupes spiniger - gewone mestkever)
- European earwig (Forficula auricularia oorworm)
- Wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi tijgerspin)
- Banded Demoiselle larva (Calopteryx splendens weidebeekjufferlarve)
- Amphipod (Amphipoda - vlokreeft)
- Large red slug (Arion rufus - grote wegslak)
- Worm (Lumbricus terrestris - gewone regenworm)
- Ninespine stickleback (Pungitius pungitius - tiendoornige stekelbaar)
- Antlion (Myrmeleon (Myrmeleon) formicarius - mierenleeuwlarve)

Camera: Tim Visser, Dick Harrewijn

Dick Harrewijn

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