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Clova Jurk

Dr Clova Mabin

Cape Town
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)73 996 3293

email: clovajurk@gmail.com


Marine biologist with experience in invasive species management.

Four years of wildlife film experience:

  • January 2006: Production Assistant on National Geographic TV & Film shoot
  • June – October 2006: Course Co-ordinator, Wildlife Film Academy, Cape Town
  • November 2006 – January 2010: Researcher and Production Manager for Wild Images, Cape Town.

Dr Clova Mabin gained her PhD, focusing on the status and management options for marine species that have invaded South African shores, now works for the Save Our Seas Education Centre in Cape Town as Education Centre Director. Visit: saveourseas.com/sosf-shark-education-centre/about/meet-the-team

Sharks! South Africa has one of the most fascinating marine systems, yet it is little discussed as all those lions and elephants get the attention. Clova from Save Our Seas seeks to change that, and we will discuss whether sharks are smart, what happens when orcas and great whites meet, and much more.

Deep In The Bush with Peter Allison and Dr. Clova Mabin

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