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Capuccino Productions

Capuccino Productions
Rua Alberto de Salvo
530 - Casa 24
Jardim Santa Genebra Ii
Sao Paulo 13084-759

Phone: : +55 19 32 017 671

Email: capuccinoprod@gmail.com

Websites: www.capuccinoprod.blogspot.co.uk & www.tevideos.weebly.com


Capuccino is based in Campinas, close to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Executive Producers Igor Capelatto and Fernando Negrovsk have years of experience in Cinema (also internationally) and have made a variety of films and documentaries, being invited to talks and screenings in the region.

They nominated biologist Cesar Leite to lead the wildlife documentary front, as he has international experience with his MA in Wildlife Filmmaking in Bristol in partnership with the BBC (he also had work experience at Icon Films and was part of the Wildscreen Festival 2014 staff).

We have a range of relevant contacts throughout Brazil and access to many locations as well as potential new stories to be filmed.

We are specialized in providing assistance in Brazil, but Cesar has also experience throughout South America, also speaking Spanish and French.

So don't hesitate to get in touch - just like all Brazilians, we are more than happy to talk to you.


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