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Bee Productions

Bee Productions
2, 147 Queens Drive
London N4 2BB
United Kingdom

MD, Producer, Director: Gaby Bastyra
Creative Director, Director, Sound Designer: Joe Churchman
Animation Director, Animator:
Mike Woodruff

Phone: +44 (0)7941 387 314

Email: gabybastyra@gmail.com

Website: www.bee-productions.co.uk

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Bee Productions is a one-stop shop creative production company based in London.

Our highly talented team are passionate about raising environmental awareness through inventive storytelling. We can take your project from conception to the delivery of your finished film.

We can develop your campaign further by working with our partner company EcoTales an environmental organisation using art, film and storytelling to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Together with EcoTales we can design a cross-curricular schools pack around your campaign and a programme of arts events and enticing creative activities aimed at young people and families.

Gaby Bastyra
Gaby Bastyra

Gaby is an accomplished producer, director and AP specialising in wildlife documentaries.

She won Best Newcomer at Wildscreen 2008 and was nominated at Jackson Hole 2009 in the same category for her film The White Wood.

Bee Productions

Her film Gloop has been nominated and won three awards in the Best Short categories. Gaby has been working on BBC Natural Worlds for the past two years at Passion Pictures, amongst other freelance work.

Gloop from gaby bastyra.

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