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Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich

PO Box 150604
TX 78715

Phone: +1 51 24 23 77 34

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Email: barb@goodbirdinc.com

Website: www.BarbaraHeidenreich.com & www.barbarasFFAT.com

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Barbara Heidenreich travels the world training the earth's most unusual creatures. This in-demand trainer has worked with everything from rats to rhinos. Her specialty is birds and her most recent adventure involved curbing the amorous ways of a famous head humping rare parrot in New Zealand.

Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara has a degree in zoology and is an adjunct clinical instructor at Texas A & M University specializing in animal behavior and behavior modifcication using the science of behavior analysis.

Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara has extensive experience both in front and behind the camera, as well as in the editing bay. (For examples of her on camera work please visit www.BarbaraHeidenreich.com) She has produced seven instructional DVDs, authored two books and has been published in nine different languages. She is famous for her enthusiastic and entertaining presentations, but her true gift is her kind and gentle approach to animal training.

Barbara Heidenreich

When not on the road, this tattooed rocker can be found soaking up some live music from her favorite local bands in her funky hometown of Austin, Texas.

Barbara Heidenreich

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