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Aquavision TV Productions

Aquavision TV Productions

144 Western Service Road
Gauteng 2191
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)11 275 0900

Email: info@aquavision.co.za & library@aquavision.co.za

Websites: www.aquavision.co.za & www.lionmountain.tv

Aquavision TV Productions

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Thousands of clips to choose from.
Per-second billing.
Choose from a range of licensing options.
Discounted rates for local (South African) companies.

Visit: www.aquavisionshop.co.za

A proudly South African film and television production company, Aquavision has been servicing international clients for over 20 years. With award-winning footage of the highest caliber, we create a range of films from wildlife documentaries to corporate videos and beyond at the heart of which are the passion and integrity for which we are known.

Our international and local broadcasting partners demand fresh, relevant and entertaining content, which we deliver with ease and pride. In our constant pursuit of perfection, we invest richly in the most up-to-date camera, sound and post-production technology available keeping us at the head of the African pack.

It is this investment in technology that enables our team to deliver productions at gold tier technical specifications and upload and download high-resolution, full HD content around the clock.

Our passion and respect for wildlife have been central in forging lasting friendships with prominent nature conservationists, scientists, politicians and law-enforcement agencies. Being part of this formidable network allows us exclusive access to coveted locations across Africa, ultimately making it possible for us to facilitate logistical support for projects of any size. In addition, these friendships enable us to put together Department of Trade & Industry funding, co-production and distribution deals.

We at Aquavision are also proud to offer our clients the biggest library of natural stock footage in the Southern Hemisphere. Our library represents many leading cinematographers, and the material is made instantly available for licensing.

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