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AfriScreen Films

AfriScreen Films
Botswana and South Africa

Phone: +267 6 80 11 23

Email: production@afriscreen.com

Website: www.afriscreen.com

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AfriScreen Films is a Botswana-based natural history production company.

Our core team have worked in natural history, feature film, TV drama series and corporate film. All the experience, diverse disciplines and skills learnt are now melded into AfriScreen Films, where we have accumulated: 25+ years African wildlife filming expertise, 20+ years feature film and TV drama experience, 20+ years editing and post production skills and a lifetime of African bush skills and field operations.

We produce our own films, film sequences for international productions and provide comprehensive fixing and facilitation services throughout Southern Africa.

CV's welcome by email. Work experience offered for those with at least 3 years in the industry.


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