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Call for Entries New York WILD Film Festival Final Deadline Approaching!

The New York WILD Film Festival showcases documentaries about exploration, adventure, wildlife, conservation, and the environment ...

... the 10th Annual New York WILD Film Festival will be Hosted at The Explorers Club from April 4-7th, 2024.

Entry Details

  • Film length: 1-90 minutes
  • Themes: Adventure, Exploration, Wildlife, Conservation & Environment

Final Deadline to enter the 2024 competition: September 26th, 2023

Submit via FilmFreeway: filmfreeway.com/NewYorkWILDFilmFestival

Visit: nywildfilmfestival.com

Follow: facebook.com/nyWILDfilmfest, instagram.com/nywildfilmfest & twitter.com/nyWILDfilmfest


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Boxfish Research renames to Boxfish Robotics
From Boxfish Research/Robotics
6th September 2023

Boxfish Research is excited to announce the official renaming to Boxfish Robotics. The decision reflects the company’s evolving focus and product line, emphasising its commitment to underwater exploration and robotics technology.

As Boxfish product portfolio advanced, with a diverse range of robotics systems, both tethered and untethered, we recognized the need for a name that better represents our current scope and aspirations. Hence, Boxfish Robotics emerged as the ideal identity to embody our innovation-driven vision.

The original name, Boxfish Research, was rooted in ties to scientific exploration. At that time, we focused on offering 360 cameras, ROVs and custom solutions, catering to our esteemed clientele in marine research and served their exploration and research endeavors.

Boxfish Robotics mission

As Boxfish Robotics, our mission remains: to lead the underwater robotics revolution with unparalleled innovation, excellence clarity in underwater imagery, and a commitment to sustainable ocean exploration.

About Boxfish Robotics

In 1974, war broke out in Cyprus between Turkish and Greek forces. After months of conflict, the island was divided in two by a 10 km wide demilitarised zone, its cities abandoned, its homes emptied. What was once nicknamed 'The Green Line' has become just that. With many areas untouched by human interference, flora and fauna have begun to flourish. 50 years later, two ecologists resolve to enter and study this no-man’s land. What they discover is a story of life's ability to thrive in the most unlikely of places.

Boxfish Robotics stands as a distinguished underwater technology company, specialising in the design of ROVs and HAUVs. These systems provide to gain profound insights, experience, and work within the underwater realm. Boxfish Robotics’ technologies have proven their capabilities across various industries, including submerged asset inspection, offshore energy, marine science, expedition research vessels, aquaculture, biosecurity, and cinematography.

Drawing from our expertise and customer-centric approach, we proudly offer user-friendly, actively stabilised submersibles that combine ultra-high-definition video with advanced sensing capabilities. Our ROVs, including the inspection class Boxfish Alpha, the expeditionary class Boxfish ROV, and the versatile cinematography drone Boxfish Luna, set new standards for safety, ease of operation, and productivity for industry professionals. Our robust, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV platform provides the flexibility to upgrade with sensors, accessories, and autonomous features to meet evolving demands.

Boxfish autonomous drone ARV-i

In collaboration with Norwegian company Transmark Subsea, we developed the autonomous underwater resident vehicle, ARV-i, tailored to continuously monitor and inspect underwater assets for offshore industries. ARV-i, is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and sensor integration, facilitates automated and remote operations, while ensuring efficient and precise data collection.

"As Boxfish Robotics, we are delighted to announce the renaming, symbolising a transformative phase in our operations. Boxfish Robotics embodies our passion for innovation and dedication to the future of our oceans. Through our advanced robotics systems, we aspire to empower researchers, explorers, and industry professionals worldwide, facilitating a deeper understanding and responsible interaction with the underwater world." Craig Anderson, Co-founder of Boxfish Robotics.

Visit: boxfishrobotics.com

Full Press Release here ...


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Two National Film And Television School Productions Selected For Jackson Wild Media Awards 2023
10th August 2023

The NFTS' Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA is once again enjoying success as two student made productions have been selected as finalists for the prestigious Jackson Wild Media Awards.

The nature world’s equivalent to the Oscars, the awards celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science and conservation storytelling. Out of over 450 submissions, Hugh Allen’s The Thin Green Line and Daniel Green’s The Guardians of Mukogodo Forest have been selected for the Student category, the only UK films in this category.

The NFTS Science and Natural History MA takes students on a two-year journey of discovery; starting with the history of natural history and science programmes, through to ideation and production. The School has a strong emphasis on 'learning by doing': practical training led by industry professionals. Find out more about the course at nfts.co.uk/snh. Last few places available for starting in January 2024.

Explore the films

The Thin Green Line| Director Hugh Allen


In 1974, war broke out in Cyprus between Turkish and Greek forces. After months of conflict, the island was divided in two by a 10 km wide demilitarised zone, its cities abandoned, its homes emptied. What was once nicknamed 'The Green Line' has become just that. With many areas untouched by human interference, flora and fauna have begun to flourish. 50 years later, two ecologists resolve to enter and study this no-man’s land. What they discover is a story of life's ability to thrive in the most unlikely of places.

The Guardians of Mukogodo Forest | Director Daniel Green


At the foothills of Mount Kenya is the nation's largest forest reserve, and one of Kenya's last remaining dry forests. Told through the perspective of Lesi Lentula, an elder of the Yiaku Indigenous People, this film reveals a unique relationship between a community and bees which has become an unlikely saviour of Mukogodo Forest.

Wildlife-film.com and the National Film and Television School would like to congratulate the students involved in these films! If you have a passion for science, the natural world and cinema and are looking for the perfect way to blend them, check out our Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA today!

If you would like to get in touch with any NFTS alumni who worked behind the scenes on these productions please contact alumni@nfts.co.uk.

Visit/Like facebook.com/NFTSFilmTV & follow twitter/NFTSFilmTV & instagram.com/nftsfilmtv

Full Feature here ...


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Jackson Wild Selects Finalists for 2023 Media Awards and Special Jury Awards
From Jackson Wild
3rd August 2023

Jackson Wild has announced the films selected as finalists for the 2023 Jackson Wild Media Awards. Considered the highest bar of achievement in natural history filmmaking, the Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science, and conservation storytelling.

The Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science, and conservation storytelling. This year’s competition saw over 1,100 category entries filmed in 74 different countries, with films competing for 30 content, craft, program, and special jury awards, as well as the Grand Teton Award, awarded to the overall best film in competition. The judging process involved more than 200 international judges who collectively devoted over 1,000 hours to screening the submitted media.

“We received a record number of entries to this year’s awards competition, underscoring the power that storytelling has to connect each of us with the planet. The judges have selected an outstanding slate of finalists, consisting of richly woven films that highlight on-the-ground impact and share a multitude of perspectives from around the globe,” said Lisa Samford, Executive Director of Jackson Wild.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 28 during the Grand Teton Awards Gala at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, the culminating event of the 2023 Jackson Wild Summit.

To learn more and attend the Jackson Wild Summit, visit jacksonwild.org/attend.

2023 Jackson Wild Media Awards Finalists:


Animal BehaviorSponsored by Love Nature

Awarded to the film that most effectively examines animal behavior in an innovative and illuminating way.

Long Form:

NATURE: The Hummingbird Effect

A Production of Coneflower Productions and WNET Group in Co-Production with Terra Mater Studios

Once Upon a Time in Tsavo

A Deeble & Stone Film Co-producers Waterhole Films, Terra Mater Studios, The WNET Group in association with PBS and CPB

Our Planet II

Silverback Films, Netflix

Super/Natural: The Mating Game

National Geographic, Earthship Productions and Plimsoll Productions

Short Form:

How Does the Mussel Grow its Beard? | Deep Look

KQED, PBS Digital Studios

KAPPE RAAGA The song of Kumbara - A Night Frog

Creative Capture Pvt Ltd, Goutham Shankar, Prashanth S Nayaka, Pradeep K Sastry, Ashwin P Kumar

Kingdom of Ice: Antarctica's Leopard Seals



Awarded to the film that most effectively explores a habitat and the interconnectivity of its unique ecosystem.

Long Form:

Deep Rising

Deep Rising PTE. LTD.

Mollie's Pack

Grizzly Creek Films

NATURE: Treasure of the Caribbean

A Production of the WNET Group, Terra Mater Studios, Belugasmile Productions and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios in Co-Production with Doclights/NDR NATURFILM

Once Upon a Time in Tsavo

A Deeble & Stone Film ?Co-producers Waterhole Films, Terra Mater Studios, The WNET Group in association with PBS and CPB

Short Form:

Dawn Wright's Historic Expedition

Esri Creative Lab: Video Storytelling Studio

Heart of Maui

National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center for Interpretive Design

The Tundra

Build Films Inc.

Redwoods Shouldn't Be So Tall. Here's Why They Are

PBS Digital Studios, PBS Nature, Atlas Obscura


Awarded to the film or episode that most effectively shines a light on efforts to protect a species, resource or habitat.

Long Form – Sponsored by ORF:

Mollie's Pack

Grizzly Creek Films


Global Conservation Corps and Friendly Human with support from Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Southern African Wildlife College, Thin Green Line, United for Wildlife and Tanglewood Foundation.?

Wild Hope: Does Nature Have Rights?

An HHMI Tangled Bank Studios and Part2 Pictures production in co-production with Wild Elements. Worldwide distribution by Off the Fence B.V.; U.S. distribution by APT.

Wild Life

Little Monster Films, National Geographic Documentary Films

Short Form:

A Disappearing Forest

The Nature Conservancy and Tyler Schiffman Productions


Fin and Fur Films Productions; Presented by H-E-B


A Box Brownie film for WaterBear Network

Older Than Trees

A Good Story film, presented by Save Our Seas Foundation in collaboration with Sea Change Project.

Climate Stories

Awarded to the film or episode that most effectively highlights the environmental issue of our time, climate change - this can include social inequity issues and environmental justice.

Long Form – Sponsored by Doclights:

Chasing Carbon Zero

A NOVA Production by MOBIAS Media, Inc. for GBH

Razing Liberty Square

RLS Film, LLC funded by LinLay Productions, ITVS, Just Films I Ford Foundation, Shorelight Productions, the Redford Center, IDA, Black Public Media, Sundance, Kendeda, Vulcan, Catapult, Threshold Foundation, Fork Films, Chicken & Egg.

The Last of the Nightingales

Colorfool Films, Blind Films

The Letter: A Message for our Earth

An Off The Fence Productions and Laudato Si Movement Co-production for Youtube Originals, Earth X and PBS

Short Form:

Dream to cure water

TENT Film, National Geographic Society

Groundwork: A Family Journey into Regenerative Cotton

Presented by: The North Face & gnarly bay

Where the Sun Always Shines

Limpet Films Doc Society BFI Made of Truth Fund

People & Nature

Awarded to the film or episode that best explores the relationship between humans and the natural world, and how nature is critical to our lives.

Long Form – Sponsored by: Save Our Seas:

Mollie's Pack

Grizzly Creek Films

Rhino Man

Global Conservation Corps and Friendly Human with support from Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Southern African Wildlife College, Thin Green Line, United for Wildlife and Tanglewood Foundation.


An Off the Fence Production for BBC In co production with France Télévision in association with Featuristic Films.

The Elephant Whisperers

A Netflix Documentary and A Sikhya Entertainment Production

Short Form:


A film by Boogs Rosales in association with Manila Media

Daughter of the Sea

Backroads Pictures, Patagonia

Judith: Porter, Protector, Pioneer

African Wildlife Foundation, Jackson Wild

Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area: Africa's first Marine TFCA

A Makhulu Production in association with The German Agency for International Cooperation

Natural Science

Awarded to the film or episode that best explores the science of planet Earth and the cosmos beyond. Relevant disciplines include Geology, Paleontology, Oceanography, Astronomy, Meteorology, Evolution and Biology.

Long Form – Sponsored by Terra Mater Studios:

Ancient Earth: Dinosaurs of the Frozen Continent

NHNZ Worldwide and Giant Screen Films for Curiosity Stream in association with Blue Ant Media?

Deep Rising

Deep Rising PTE. LTD.

Prehistoric Planet 2 - Islands

BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Apple TV+

The Last of the Nightingales

Colorfool Films, Blind Films

Short Form:

Breakthrough: Immortal Alligators

Curiosity Stream


Basecamp Creative in association with National Geographic Society and Silver Fir Media

Neon Nights | Diving into the World of Biofluorescence


The Reservoir

Day's Edge Productions for Illumina


Limited Series

Awarded to the limited series that most effectively advances a natural history theme.

Chimp Empire

Keo Films and Underdog Films for Netflix

Frozen Planet II

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit Production for BBC & BBC America co-produced with ZDF and France Televisions. A BBC Open University Partnership


National Geographic, Earthship Productions and Plimsoll Productions

Global Voices

For excellence in wildlife, conservation, science, social or cultural storytelling from less represented geographical and cultural perspectives. Prioritizing productions led by media makers in non-Western regions including but not limited to Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, Micronesia and Indigenous communities around the world.?


Untamed Planet, Drik Picture Library

Keepers of the Land

Kitasoo Xai'xais Nation with Moonfish Media Inc.

Nkashi: Race for the Okavango

A National Geographic Society Impact Story Lab production, with support from Okavango Eternal?

The Elephant Whisperers

A Netflix Documentary and A Sikhya Entertainment Production

Onscreen Personality

Awarded to the host, presenter, onscreen investigative journalist or collection of expert onscreen commentators that best engage the viewer while communicating the knowledge, message, mission and spirit of a film related to our natural world.

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory: Tracking Ocean Giants

National Geographic/Wildstar Films Featuring Bertie Gregory

Footprint: The Urban Jungle

Day's Edge Productions for PBS ?Featuring Shane Campbell-Staton

Urban Jungles

SEETREE Gmbh, Pier to Pier Media Featuring Maddie Moate

This film's green production strategy has been recognized by Jackson Wild.


An Off the Fence Production for BBC In co production with France Télévision in association with Featuristic Films Featuring Vianet Djenguet


Awarded to the most effective and compelling film, episode or social media video content under three minutes that best advances an understanding or appreciation of the natural world.

Animals in Therapy: Self-care ft. Kakapo

On The Edge and Passion Planet

Roots Will Remain

The Allotment Studio

The Tundra

Build Films Inc.

FeatureSponsored by ARRI

Awarded to the feature-length film, 75 minutes or longer in runtime, factual or narrative, that best advances an understanding or appreciation of the natural world.

Once Upon a Time in Tsavo

A Deeble & Stone Film Co-producers Waterhole Films, Terra Mater Studios, The WNET Group in association with PBS and CPB

Orca - Black & White Gold

Terra Mater Studios GmbH


An Off the Fence Production for BBC In co production with France Télévision in association with Featuristic Films


Amazon Studios

StudentSponsored by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios

For outstanding wildlife, environmental or natural science focused film produced by a student currently enrolled or no more than two years out of an academic program.

Requiem for a Whale

Ido Weisman, The Steve Tisch School Of Film and Television, Tel-Aviv University

The Guardians of Mukogodo Forest

Daniel Green, National Film and Television School

The Thin Green Line

Hugh Allen, National Film and Television School


Cinematography Sponsored by: American Society of Cinematographers

Awarded for the cinematography that most enhances the nature related film of which it is a part.

America the Beautiful: Land of Heroes

Wildstar Films, National Geographic and Disney Branded Television
Cinematography: Jake Davis, Dawson Dunning, Alex Jones, Neil Anderson, Mark Emery, Nick Hawkins, Jeff Hester, Jonathan Jones, Justin Maguire, Pete Matthews, Kyle McBurnie, Florian Shulz, Greg Wilson

Chimp Empire: Others

Keo Films and Underdog Films for Netflix Cinematography: Benjamin Sadd, Ben Cherry

Our Planet II: World on the Move

Silverback Films, Netflix
Cinematography: Tom Beldam, Brad Bestelink, Ralph Bower, Matthew Conor Robinson, Noah Falklind, Kyle McBurnie, Jesse Wilkinson, George Woodcock

Super/Natural: The Mating Game

National Geographic, Earthship Productions and Plimsoll Productions
Cinematography: Chris Watts, Jon Shaw, Jeff Hester, Graham Hatherly, Alfredo Barroso, Matthew Hood, Simon De Glanville, Robert Hollingworth, Matthew Norman, Mark Ó Fearghaíl, Mark Payne-Gill


Awarded for the editing that most enhances the nature related film of which it is a part of.

Chimp Empire: Paradise?

Keo Films and Underdog Films for Netflix
Editors: Sam Rogers, Gary Thomas, Dan Schwalm, Rupert Troskie, Matt Tickner

Frozen Planet II: Frozen Worlds

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit Production for BBC & BBC America co-produced with ZDF and France Televisions. A BBC Open University Partnership
Editors: Matt Meech and David Warner?

Human Footprint: The Ground Below

Day's Edge Productions for PBS
Editors: Angel Morris, Andy Laub, Adam Moffatt, Samantha Van Praet

Our Planet II: World on the Move

Silverback Films, Netflix
Editors: Paul Kiff, Robbie Garlands

Original Music Score

Awarded for the original musical score that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.

Frozen Planet II: Frozen Worlds

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit Production for BBC & BBC America co-produced with ZDF and France Televisions. A BBC Open University Partnership
Original Music: Hans Zimmer and Bleeding Fingers

Nkashi: Race for the Okavango

A National Geographic Society Impact Story Lab production, with support from Okavango Eternal
Original Music: Koolkat Motyiko (Mr. Seronga), Mikael Rosen, NEWF Compose Yourself Lab

The Elephant Whisperers

A Netflix Documentary and A Sikhya Entertainment Production
Original Music: Sven Faulconer


Awarded for the writing that most enhances the natural history story of which it is a part.

Human Footprint: The Urban Jungle

Day's Edge Productions for PBS
Writers: Neil Losin, Nathan Dappen, Andy Laub, Page Buono, David Hutchinson

Ireland's Wild Islands: Edge of the Abyss

Produced by Crossing The Line Productions for Love Nature in co-production with RTÉ, ARTE, and SVT. Produced with the support of incentives for the Irish film industry provided by the Government of Ireland.
Writer: John Murray

Mollie's Pack

Grizzly Creek Films
Writers: Avela Grenier and Thomas Winston

Once Upon a Time in Tsavo

A Deeble & Stone Film Co-producers Waterhole Films, Terra Mater Studios, The WNET Group in association with PBS and CPB
Writer: Mark Deeble

Sound Judged & Sponsored by the Television Academy Sound Peer Group

Awarded for the combined contribution of sound editing, production mixing and post-production mixing that most enhances the nature related film of which it is a part.

Big Beasts: The Elephant Seal

Plimsoll Productions production company for Apple TV+
Dubbing Mixer: Chris Domaille Dubbing Editor: Roy Noy

Frozen Planet II: Frozen Worlds

A BBC Studios Natural History Unit Production for BBC & BBC America co-produced with ZDF and France Televisions. A BBC Open University Partnership
Sound: Wounded Buffalo

Our Universe: Chasing Starlight

A Netflix Documentary Series and A BBC Studios Production Wounded Buffalo Sound
Editors: Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Halo Post Production - Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton Supervising Sound Editor: Jay Price Sound Editor: Adam Johnson

Breakthrough Film

For outstanding achievement in nature related filmmaking in the face of adversity or limitations. Prioritizing films that are non-commissioned and not currently in commercial distribution, judging will be based on ingenuity, imagination, passion, and overall quality of the work.

Between Earth & Sky

By the Creek Productions. Co-produced by It Doesn't Suck Productions. In association with American Documentary, IF/Then Shorts. Supported by The Redford Center, BRIClab, and Mountainfilm.


Juli Films and Perpetuo Films in collaboration with Re:wild


Martina Trepczyk & Kyle Armstrong Roepke

Special Jury Award Winner for Impact Campaign

Jackson Wild recognizes innovative approaches to active impact campaigns that extend conservation beyond the screen to inspire measurable on-the-ground change through education, policy change and engagement and outreach.

The Territory

National Geographic Documentary Films, Protozoa Pictures, Passion Pictures, Real Lava, Documist and Associação Jupaú. In association with Time Studios, XTR Doc Society Climate Story Fund Impact Producers: Marianna Olinger, Will Miller, Alex Pritz, Gabriel Uchida, Txai Surui, Sarah Sparkman

Special Jury Award Winner for Innovation in Green Production Award

For implementation of sustainable best practices to reduce the environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of a production.

Jane Goodall - Reasons for Hope

Science North, Jane Goodall Institute, Cosmic Picture Distribution, FedNor, NOHFC, Arizona Science Center, City of Sudbury, Greater Grand Sudbury, Rivian

Honorable Mention

A special honor for entries that were not selected as category finalists, but stood out to our jury for a unique or important aspect outside the standard category criteria.

A Note for Nature

Crossing The Line Productions, RTÉ, BAI, Creative Ireland, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: Alabama

Nat Geo WILD and Lucky 8


Wild Lens Collective, Running Wild Media

This film's green production strategy has been recognized by Jackson Wild.

Mongolia, Valley of the Bears

ARTE France, Lato Sensu Productions, YN Productions - La Cuisine aux Images, DCMP DreamCatcherMotionPictures, ZED

Tahlequah the Whale: A Dance of Grief

Meinart Animation Studio, Higher Purpose Productions

Wading for Change

Sofia Jaramillo & Jr Rodríguez El Sol Productions Orvis, New Belgium Brewing, Ford Bronco Wild Fund, Trout Unlimited

About Jackson Wild

For over 30 years, Jackson Wild has been a catalyst for accelerating and elevating impactful storytelling at the nexus of nature, science, and conservation. Through innovative and collaborative community gatherings, skill-building initiatives, and mentorship programs, Jackson Wild creates an inclusive forum for storytellers to more deeply illuminate connections to the natural world and our collective responsibility to the wild.

Jackson Wild’s international board members include: African Wildlife Foundation, ARRI, ARTE France, BBC Studios, Blue Ant Media / Love Nature, Conservation International, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Doclights, GBH, Gorongosa Restoration Project, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Humane Society International, International Fund for Animal Welfare, National Geographic Content, National Geographic Society, Nature/WNET, Netflix, NEWF (Nature, Environment, Wildlife, Filmmaking), Off the Fence Productions, ORF Universum, PBS, RED Digital Cinema, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Smithsonian Channel/Paramount, Sony Electronics, The Nature Conservancy, Terra Mater Studios, Wanda Films, Wildstar Films, and World Wildlife Fund US.

Visit/Like facebook.com/jacksonwildorg & follow twitter/jacksonwildorg & instagram.com/jacksonwildorg

Full Feature here ...


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Jackson Wild Selects Final Jury for 2023 Media Awards

Jackson Wild is proud to announce the final jury for this year’s Media Awards competition. Selected for their knowledge and expertise in nature and science storytelling, these individuals will decide the winners of the 2023 Jackson Wild Media Awards, considered the highest bar of achievement in natural history filmmaking.

The Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in nature, science, and conservation storytelling. This year’s competition saw over 1100 category entries filmed in 74 different countries, with films competing for 30 content, craft, program, and special jury awards, as well as the Grand Teton Award, awarded to the overall best film in competition.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 28 during the Grand Teton Awards Gala at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, the culminating event of the 2023 Jackson Wild Summit. To learn more and attend the Jackson Wild Summit, visit jacksonwild.org/attend.

René Araneda

René Araneda is a Chilean Director/Producer developing the natural history film production in South America for the past decade by telling stories, building connections and working alongside many international teams, production companies and multiple platforms. Almost 30 hours of content developed over the last 12 years -many of them award winning films- exploring different formats from Blue Chip to presenter driven with himself being on camera for some (Animal Planet, Smithsonian Channel, CuriosityStream or CNN). René has specialized in Patagonia and South America, always finding new fascinating stories, usually working on remote and tough locations.

He has garnered several nominations, awards and recognitions (including Jackson´s Emerging Talent Award back in the day),  and recently helped launch South America´s first wildlife film festival Santiago Wild in Chile (a partnership between Jackson Wild & Ladera Sur, along with other supporting partners).

Pippa Ehrlich

Pippa Ehrlich is a journalist and filmmaker specialising in stories about conservation, science and the relationship between people and the natural world. She is the co-director of My Octopus Teacher – South Africa’s first Netflix Original documentary. The film garnered attention from celebrities, conservationists, and scientists all over the world, and has won more than 20 international awards, including an Oscar and a BAFTA, as well as the prestigious Jackson Wild’s Grand Teton Award and Wildscreen's Golden Panda. Pippa has just completed her second feature documentary and is currently in development on her third.

For the last seven years, she has been a part of the Sea Change Project, documenting and exploring the underwater forests of Cape Town to capture stories that will assist in its long term protection. 

Rita Mullin

Rita Mullin is the former EVP and General Manager of Science Channel, which produced such core science series as Through the Wormhole and How the Universe Works and brought a new, younger audience to the genre with Outrageous Acts of Science. During her career at Discovery, she developed and oversaw programming for many channels, including Discovery Health, TLC, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. As Senior Creative and Content Director at Vulcan Productions, she oversaw a team that produced Body Team 12, which was nominated for an Academy Award for short form documentary in 2016, and The Ivory Game, which was short-listed for an Academy Award in 2017.

John Smithson

Academy Award® Nominee, BAFTA, Emmy, Peabody, and Grierson winner, John Smithson is one of the most respected and influential executives in worldwide non-scripted content.

His work includes multiple award winning films such as Touching the Void, 127 HoursDeep Water, Thriller in Manilla, Falling Man, Sherpa, and River.

He is Creative Director of London-based Arrow Pictures and specializes in premium feature documentaries and series.

Visit: jacksonwild.org/2023-final-jury.html


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Register for the 2023 Jackson Wild Summit!

Registration is now open for the 2023 Jackson Wild Summit! The Jackson Wild you know and love is coming home.

The Summit will take place this fall, September 25 - September 28, 2023. Reunite with friends old and new for four days of exciting programming, thought-provoking conversations and innovative storytelling.

All Jackson Wild Summit programming will be hosted at the Jackson Lake Lodge, with the exception of the National Geographic BBQ on Wednesday evening and the Grand Teton Awards Gala on Thursday evening which will be in downtown Jackson Hole. The Jackson Lake Lodge is situated in the heart of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, one hour north of downtown Jackson Hole.

Take advantage of our early bird discount — The first 100 attendees to register will receive $100 off on their pass!

Register here: jacksonwild.org/attend.html


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BBC's Top tips for reducing carbon emissions on production

Cutting travel and energy use, including ditching diesel generators ... A ruthless focus on energy and travel is the fastest way to cut carbon emissions on a production. Find out about some of the quickest ways to reduce a production’s footprint below.


Travel is our biggest source of emissions as an industry. Reducing travel doesn’t mean making content from our bedrooms, but ensuring we are mindful, considering the travel implications when we choose locations and making sure that we maximise what we get from the carbon dioxide (CO?) pollution we create.

1. Reduce – Keep asking: do you have to travel? Are there closer, virtual, archive, remote production or VR alternatives? Does everyone have to go? Can you use local crews and kit? Can you consolidate locations and get more filming out of one place?

2. Optimise – Are you transporting more people to a destination than the number who are there already? If so, can you swap and bring them to you? Can you use locations near public transport? Can you get more people in one vehicle, or hire a coach?

3. Electrify – Electric Vehicles, public transport, trains not planes in the UK and Europe wherever possible.

4. Don’t forget the rooms – If you are overnighting choose hotels with good sustainability polices, close to the location, and opt for shared accommodation if appropriate.

Useful links

Explore the BBC Archive for contemporary and period footage
Check out albert case studies for using local crews
Check out albert sustainable supplier database
Visit the Trainline carbon calculator to compare emissions of train, car or plane
See these energy efficient driving tips


Tackling energy use is the easiest thing we can do to reduce the carbon footprint of a production and can also save money.

1. Switch off – Studios, lights, kit, even computers. If you aren’t using it, power down.

2. Green your electricity supply – Get a renewable energy tariff for your company. Request everyone whose services you use opt for a renewable energy tariff too, including studios, post-houses and locations, and prioritise those who do.

3. Ditch diesel – Accurately assess your power needs by creating a power plan and switch out diesel generators for plugging into the mains, using batteries, certified HVO or hydrogen. Find out more about these below.

Useful links

Check out albert’s creative energy project
Check out albert’s sustainable suppliers database

Create a power plan

1. Assess – Assess energy requirements across all departments. Encourage collaboration between key heads of departments and identify energy saving options.

2. Calculate – Calculate required capacity accurately. Generators are most efficient when running at at least 75% of their maximum load. Running a smaller generator for the same load can cut fuel consumption by over 10%.

3. Identify – Identify your power low points. Are you running generators fit for your peak load when there are minimal power needs, eg at weekends and overnight? This is the perfect time for battery/hybrid use, supplying only the power you need and reducing fuel use.

4. Track – Track fuel consumption and generator/battery usage data (‘telemetry’). This will make your reporting easier and allow you to adapt power setups to be as cost and energy efficient as possible.

5. Question – Question your energy usage throughout production. Explore sustainable options such as batteries and solar-powered lights, rigs and facilities, and alter your power plan if needed.

Ditch diesel generators

1. Using mains power – If you can tie into mains power on a certified green tariff it will almost always be the most sustainable option. It also enables simple tracking and reporting of consumption. Check location mains supplies and tariffs as early as possible.

CO2: Up to 100% emissions reduction vs diesel
Cost: Low
Complexity: Low

2. Using batteries or hybrid generators – Battery technology is evolving fast. There are full battery solutions for numerous production scenarios, whilst hybrid set-ups (battery + generator) maximise generator efficiency (reducing generator run time by up to 66%) and save fuel and money.

CO2: 25%-100% emissions reduction vs diesel, depending on type of solution
Cost: Low-mid
Complexity: Low-mid

3. Using certified HVO – Certified HVO should be used rather than diesel wherever possible. It can be used in any diesel engine and generator and can be topped-up with diesel in an emergency. Bulk/group level HVO deals may be available to productions at lower costs.

CO2: Up to 90% emissions reduction vs diesel
Cost: Low-mid (can be up to 50p per litre more expensive than diesel)
Complexity: Low

4. Using green hydrogen – The cleanest non-mains option. Units can be large and are best suited to productions with few location moves (providing additional power at a back lot, sound stage or studio). Hydrogen must be from 'green' sources (produced with renewable energy).

CO2: Up to 100% emissions reduction vs diesel
Cost: High
Complexity: Mid-high

Case studies: ditching diesel

Mains power: BBC News

BBC News have been plugging into the grid wherever possible. It’s an option at sites regularly used for filming, particularly in London. Locations with plug-in points include Canada Gate and Downing Street. Film London have recently worked with partners to install a new plug-in point in Victoria Park in Hackney to eliminate not just carbon dioxide emissions, but also those of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, and significantly reduce noise pollution. In the first three months, seven productions have drawn power from it already and research estimates usage will save 64,000 litres of diesel annually and 170 tonnes of CO2. Find out more about The Grid Project Victoria Park (pdf).

Green hydrogen: Winterwatch and Springwatch

Winterwatch first trialled using green hydrogen in 2021 for backup and additional power generation, before being confident enough to power all 12 live Springwatch broadcasts that year with 100% clean energy. Based in BBC Bristol, the hydrogen generator powered the Springwatch OB hub which broadcasts the show live. It’s the ‘control room’, overseeing and directing the production’s numerous live locations across the UK. If diesel generators had been used, seven tonnes of CO2 would have been released into the atmosphere, in addition to other air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulates. Hydrogen generators have now become an integral part of the set-up, being used again by the team in 2022 and 2023.

Reducing your carbon emissions has the potential to save money, as carbon is closely indexed to cost. However, we acknowledge that the transition to low carbon production can create pressure on budgets and schedules. If so, raise any concerns with the commissioning editor.

With thanks to Picture Zero for their contribution to the information on this page.

Further resources Help and support for producing sustainable content, on and off-screen:

Producers end-to-end production guide – Everything you need to know across production and editorial Carbon footprint and albert certification

Carbon footprint and albert certification – Delivery requirements, contacts and further information

Environmental sustainability guide – In depth information on a range of climate topics

More here: bbc.co.uk/delivery/sustainable-productions/carbon-emissions


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Writing Sustainability in Your Stories: Why Climate Content Matters

Recording of We Are ALBERT's session on the 10th of May at The Media Production & Technology Show

"Get ahead of the curve! Wanted to put climate change into your script but don’t know where to start? Our panel of creatives and researchers discuss how to do it effectively and how your story can help save the planet. A must-attend for storytellers and commissioners in any format: corporate, factual, reality, and narrative."

The panel included:

  • Carys Taylor, Director of albert – Moderator
  • Catherine Graves, Research Fellow, albert
  • Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Practice, University of Southampton
  • Andy Briggs, Screenwriter

Writing Sustainability in Your Stories: Why Climate Content Matters

More in this playlist: albert Sustainability Conference at MPTS 2023

Visit: wearealbert.org


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Empowering Voices and Expanding Horizons in Natural History Filmmaking in Africa

In a high-spirited celebration of natural history filmmaking in Africa, the recently concluded Wildscreen Festival Nairobi brought together a diverse array of storytellers, conservationists, and filmmakers. For two awe-inspiring days, the festival became a hub of creativity, energy and a collective desire to shed light on the urgent issues that shape our natural world. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, as industry experts and passionate minds explored the realities of natural history filmmaking, the crucial need to sustain this vital art form and the importance of inclusion, authenticity and collaboration.

The festival’s welcome address echoed a call to recognize the interdependent relationship between people and nature. Dr Erustus Kanga, Director-General of the Kenya Wildlife Service, articulated this symbiotic connection, affirming, “Now more than ever, we must recognise the symbiotic relationship between nature and our well-being.” His words echoed the urgent need to prioritise conservation efforts and protect our natural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.

Among the myriad of engaging sessions and discussions, these particular topics stood out: the importance of telling our own stories authentically, pushing barriers, being bold and including everyone in the conversation. Nancy Githaiga, the Country Director at African Wildlife Foundation boldly stated “Let people tell their own stories”, adding that no matter how small the story may seem, it is that individual’s story. Natural history films in Africa have long been told by individuals not born and bred on the continent. With the potential to create biases within the narrative and its content, often romanticising the landscape, without credit to those working on the ground, conserving the natural habitat.

As an attendee, Wildscreen Festival Nairobi offered up unique perspectives on how we can change the current narrative, highlighting the amazing stories that lay within the African continent. One of the highlights of the event was the Wild Pitch session which saw six stories being pitched in front of top industry commissioners and the audience. These films were incredible as they highlighted the power of storytelling in the African continent especially when we tell our own stories. The inspiring pitches illustrated that we have the stories within us that speak to our people, influencing many to go out and develop their story idea. As the Judges Loise Mwikali, from Royal Media Services, stated, ‘Matata and Friends on Safari’ won because “its originality, its fun way and its likeability speaks to our children.

Another key highlight was the importance of giving people access to making natural history films. Whether it’s through giving access to equipment or opportunities. The legacy of this festival will hopefully open doors to the many opportunities available in the natural history filmmaking space in Africa – for local people. With numerous passionate individuals in Africa, it was also key to recognise that “we cannot have people with a passion but not eating,” as stated by Barbara Lawrence-Strydom during her panel discussion. Her words succinctly summarised the financial hardships that often go hand in hand with wildlife storytelling.

Inclusion emerged as a recurring theme throughout the festival. Damaris Agweyu, a passionate advocate for inclusivity, highlighted the power of making others feel safe and valued within the creative process, asserting, “Inclusion is when you make other people feel safe because they will give you their all.” This sentiment underscored the necessity of fostering an environment where every voice is heard and celebrated, ensuring a more comprehensive and authentic representation of our world.

Read more: wildscreen.org/empowering-voices-and-expanding-horizons-in-natural-history-filmmaking-in-africa

By Victoria Wanjohi, a wildlife storyteller and conservation professional who uses words, photos, and films to share experiences that bring you closer to nature at nyikasilika.org


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Introducing Wildscreen's EDGE of Nature: Short Film Fund – Applications are Open!

Delivered in partnership with On the Edge, this new short film fund will catalyse new and creative projects by emerging filmmakers globally, bringing new perspectives and fresh approaches to natural world storytelling.

Think out-of-the-box storytelling, engaging Gen Z audiences and spotlighting EDGE species and habitats.

Grants up to £15,000 will be available to filmmakers globally.

Applications open Thursday 7th of September. 

The EDGE of Nature: Short Film Fund is your chance to bring your natural world film project to life! Delivered in partnership with On the Edge, the fund will platform unique stories and storytelling talent from across the international wildlife production and conservation ecosystem, spanning off-screen to on-screen talent. Applications will be open to filmmakers globally. Grants of between £2,000 to £15,000 are available. Successful grantees will receive training, support, mentorship, and their films will be previewed at Wildscreen Festival 2024.


Discover more about EDGE species, EDGE zones and the EDGE of Nature: Short Film Fund below.


  • EDGE species are Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered species in the plant, fungi and animal kingdoms.
  • They collectively represent billions of years of evolutionary history. When they’re gone, there’s no replacing them.
Click here to discover which species are categorised as EDGE species.


  • EDGE Zones add up to less than 1% of earth’s land collectively but hold one-third of the planet’s terrestrial vertebrates.
  • They are spread across five continents, from the humid forests of Madagascar to the mountainous Western Ghats region of India.

Click here to find out more about EDGE zones.


Projects must;

  • Have an aspect of an Edge Species or Edge Zone as the central focus
  • Be a film-based short (minimum 1 minute, maximum 40 minutes). It can be any genre, including animation and genres other than traditional Natural History
  • Not have any finance already secured or agreements in place from a broadcaster, platform, sales agent etc. and cannot have previously been broadcast, transmitted or commercially distributed in any form

To read the full Terms and Conditions, including further project eligibility criteria go here


To be elgible to apply, applicants must;

  • Be 18 years of age on or before the 1st October 2023.
  • Not have any professional (i.e. broadcast) Producer or Director credits (please note that this does not include student projects).
  • Have less than five cumulative years of paid experience within the film and television industry.
  • Have a maximum of one Assistant Producer credit.
  • Not be in full time education at any point between October 1st 2023 and November 1st 2024.
  • An application can be submitted by one person or a team. If a team, only two people can participate in the virtual live pitching session in October 2023. Full applicant eligibility is outlined in the terms and conditions.


  • To apply you must provide a; To apply you will need to provide a Project Treatment, Project Budget and Project Plan.


Applications are now open! To apply;

  • Complete the online application form (here). An application overview is also available. Please note that all applications must be submitted via the online application form. Applications submitted in any other format will not be accepted.

Submissions can be made in any language.

Read more and apply via: wildscreen.org/industry/edge-of-nature-short-film-fund

Application deadline 5pm BST, Thursday 5th October 2023


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Sir David Attenborough to present Planet Earth III

The third instalment of the landmark award-winning series made is by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, co-produced by BBC America and The Open University.

"Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David, so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series. As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen." — Mike Gunton, Executive Producer, Planet Earth III

BBC Studios Natural History Unit has confirmed that Sir David Attenborough will present Planet Earth III, the third instalment of the landmark award-winning series.

Mike Gunton Executive Producer said, ‘Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David, so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series. As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen’

‘The opening of the series with David was filmed in the beautiful British countryside in exactly the location where Charles Darwin used to walk whilst thinking-over his Earth-shaking ideas about evolution. It seemed the perfect place for David to introduce Planet Earth III and remind us of both the wonders and the fragility of our planet. ….and for him, of course, the sun shined under blue skies one of the only days it did all summer!.’

Planet Earth III, an 8x60’ series made by BBC Studios Natural History Production co-produced with BBC America, ZDF and France Televisions in partnership with The Open University for BBC. The Executive Producer is Mike Gunton, and the Series Producer is Matt Brandon. It was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual. It will tx on BBC One later this year.

From: bbc.com/mediacentre/bbcstudios/2023sir-david-attenborough-announced-to-present-planet-earth-three-


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2023 Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellows announced!

In collaboration with Day's Edge Productions and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, we are thrilled to announce the 2023 Media Lab Fellows.

With over 250 applicants, sixteen individuals have been accepted into this rigorous filmmaking fellowship, an experience designed to help scientists and media creators develop their skills to communicate about science, nature, and conservation with diverse audiences across the world's evolving media platforms. The complete list of Fellows, along with their biographies, can be found on our website.

Fellows will work side-by-side with instructors and mentors to gain intensive hands-on filmmaking experience with professional equipment, learn the "science" of science communication, and expand their professional networks with peers and industry professionals. Fellows will also create short films that will premiere at a special event during the Jackson Wild Summit on Tuesday, September 26 at Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park.

Find out more here: jacksonwild.org/2023-media-lab-fellows.html


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“Argentina Salvaje”, the first Argentine nature and wildlife film for cinema

Jumara Films, who has been working exclusively on nature and conservation documentaries for years, presents “Argentina Salvaje” together with the prestigious German production company Light & Shadow.

With the aim of publicizing a destination that had great natural wealth, the Light & Shadow producer chose Argentina, a country with 18 ecoregions, with a unique biodiversity, valuing the country in terms of nature. It is a documentary that had local production and in which the best wildlife and nature cinematographers from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil participated. In addition to the sequences filmed by the director himself, Christian Baumeister, whose previous work “Wild Andes” was awarded a Grammy.

The project was presented to the INCAA, setting a precedent in national cinema for making films entirely about wildlife and nature – or blue chip as they are known – made in Argentina by Argentines.

Jumara Films’ motto is “Conservation, part of knowledge” and its commitment as a producer is to be able to make Argentine fauna known, because only by knowing it can it be preserved. Each one from their place can do small actions (or omit them) to become aware of a fundamental aspect: the coexistence of humans with animals. On the other hand, they seek that all Argentines can know all the landscapes that make up our country and that is why they agreed so that it can be projected in all the INCAA spaces of the Country.

The feature film shows life stories of some species that live in our country, with their intimacies and problems. Everything is designed to show it in a way never seen before, but at the same time current environmental problems that are occurring in Argentina and that are not common in this type of production are shown on the screen. Here we took a risk and were able to show some dramatic situations that our nature is experiencing, such as the fires in Iberá, and put these issues on the table. Unique images of nature, which highlight the importance of conservation and awareness of these events in Argentinastands out Juan Maria Raggio, director of Jumara Films and President of Aves Argentinas.

Argentina Salvaje - Película de apertura PEFF 2023

Read more: 24hoursworlds.com/entertainment/501243


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Watch the full discussion! Bristol in Conversation: Our Natural World alumni panel discussion

Did you miss our first annual Bristol in Conversation event? This panel discussion centred Our Natural World.

Professor Daniela Schmidt of the Cabot Institute facilitated a conversation between Dr Mike Gunton (BSc 1979), Creative Director of BBC Natural History, and Gillian Burke (BSc 1995), presenter of BBC Springwatch. They discussed their careers, wildlife filmmaking, our changing planet and ways to encourage change.

You can view the complete discussion, along with a welcome from Vice-Chancellor and President, Evelyn Welch MBE in this video.

Watch the full discussion! Bristol in Conversation: Our Natural World alumni panel discussion

Visit: bristol.ac.uk/alumni/events/2023/bristol-in-conversation-our-natural-world-.html


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Clubhouse Conversations — Secrets of the Elephants

In this episode, cinematographers James Boon, Robert Poole and Toby Strong are joined by interviewer Shana Hagan, ASC to discuss their work on Secrets of the Elephants — the National Geographic docuseries that explores various families of elephants and their unique cultural behaviors.

Secrets of the Elephants offers intimate glimpses of elephants as they seek to survive and thrive in a wide range of conditions — from the droughts, sandstorms and floods of Namibia, to the rainforests of Africa and beyond. The creatures' remarkable communicative abilities, adaptability to their environments, and potential to cooperate with humans are just some of the topics examined throughout the series.

In this interview, Boon, Poole and Strong discuss the unique storyboarding process for the project; how they implemented a "divide-and-conquer" strategy to shoot with multiple cinematographers; and the importance of adjusting photographic techniques and approaches to storytelling to reflect events as they happen in nature.

James Boon is a cinematographer whose credits include the true-crime docuseries Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star and My Name Is Reeva and the wildlife docuseries Shark Women, Elephant Ganglands, Tonga Whales, Leopard Queen and Extinction: The Facts.

Robert Poole is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, television presenter and speaker. His credits include work for BBC, PBS Nature, Nova, Discovery Networks, and an additional 40-plus films for National Geographic.

Toby Strong is a multi Emmy and BAFTA-Award winning cinematographer who has worked on many BBC wildlife and documentary series in recent years, and has filmed in over 80 countries and on every continent.

Shana Hagan, ASC is a cinematographer who has shot Oscar and Emmy-winning documentaries with such distinguished filmmakers as Michael Apted, Jessica Yu, Morgan Neville, Lauren Greenfield and Rory Kennedy and scripted television content with Jenny Bicks, Paul Feig and the Duplass brothers. Her documentary work includes the Academy Award-winning Breathing Lessons, Academy Award-nominated Walk Run Cha-Cha and 21 Sundance Film Festival selections, including Generation Wealth, The Queen of Versailles, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana and Shakespeare Behind Bars.

Read more/watch: theasc.com/videos/clubhouse-conversations-secrets-of-the-elephants

Also: vimeo.com/853243490


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Why insects are so crucial to life on Earth - BBC

Insects make up around 70% of all known species - but many are struggling.

Biologist David Goulson explores how we can protect them better.

Why insects are so crucial to life on Earth - BBC

BBC Ideas – bbc.co.uk/ideas/videos/why-insects-are-so-crucial-to-life-on-earth/p0fw94cs

Read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Books by Dave Goulson: Silent Earth – Averting the Insect Apocalypse, The Garden Jungle: or Gardening to Save the Planet & A Sting in the Tale: My Adventures with Bumblebees


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Blue Ant acquires Marblemedia; will merge production, distribution operations

Two major players in the Canadian screen content business are teaming up to form a new operation that will combine their formidable production and distribution capabilities.

Toronto-headquartered producer/distributor/channel operator Blue Ant Media is acquiring Blown Away prodco Marblemedia (also based in Toronto), as well as its distribution arm, Distribution360, for an undisclosed sum. The pact will see Blue Ant’s North American production labels — Blue Ant Studios, Saloon Media, and Look Mom! Productions — merge with Marblemedia’s production operations, while Blue Ant’s distribution division, Blue Ant International, will combine with Distribution360. The deal does not include Blue Ant’s Singapore-based production subsidiary, Beach House Pictures, which will continue to operate independently.

Marblemedia co-founders Matthew Hornburg and Mark Bishop will oversee the new “super-charged” studio as co-presidents, and will report to Blue Ant Media CEO and co-founder Michael MacMillan. Sam Sniderman, previously Blue Ant’s co-president of global production, will serve as Blue Ant Media’s chief commercial officer, working closely with MacMillan and company CFO Robb Chase on business development, partnerships and M&A. Laura Michalchyshyn, meanwhile, will continue her duties as chief creative officer. As for other appointments for the new, as yet unnamed entity, a Blue Ant spokesperson tells Realscreen: “We will be announcing the executive team for this studio and rights business in due course.”

Read more: realscreen.com/2023/08/10/blue-ant-acquires-marblemedia-will-merge-production-distribution-operations


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Warner Bros. Discovery names Andrew Georgiou as UK & Ireland chief

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) is shuffling its exec deck in the UK and Ireland, following the recent exit of Antonio Ruiz.

Andrew Georgiou has been named as head of WBD’s media business in the countries, while also retaining his position as president & MD of WBD Sports Europe, which operates both Eurosport across Europe and TNT Sports in the UK and Ireland.

His remit includes oversight of brands including Discovery, TLC, Quest, Quest Red, Really, Cartoon Network, Eurosport and the newly launched TNT Sports, as well as WBD’s streaming service Discovery+.

Read more: tbivision.com/2023/08/10/warner-bros-discovery-names-andrew-georgiou-as-uk-ireland-chief


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Eco Views from a Wildlife Film-maker: Rita Banerji

Are there any particular environmental issues or species that you feel are underrepresented or misunderstood in mainstream media? How do you approach highlighting lesser-known stories?

When we are talking about the environment, it is never in isolation. We cannot talk about one species or one subject. Whether you are living in a big city like Guwahati, or a smaller city like Tezpur, water is an issue. And human-animal conflict is an issue all across India. Every little thing in the environment is linked to the other. It is not as if something which we are doing, has only an impact on that area. It is a cumulative impact of everything which is happening across everywhere. When we talk about the environment, there is no special focus on any one animal or any particular issue. It is overall. What I think is missing is that environment is still not at the top of the mind when mainstream conversations are concerned. People can see the changing of weather every year, and Assam is so hot this time. Changes like floods and landslides are taking place ever very rapidly. But even then, the environment is not a top priority.

What are your thoughts on the role of social media and online platforms in promoting environmental films and creating a dialogue around conservation topics?

Social media is a very effective platform. It is one of the quickest mediums to share our work, especially through recent developments in Instagram and Facebook. A lot of discussions on the environment by different NGOs are happening on social media. So, it remains a very powerful online medium. And not just for outreach and campaign. If you look closely, the entire youth of Assam and Arunachal got together for the fight for Dihing Patkai, and it was all over social media. So, it does empower conservation efforts when done under the right zeal.

Read more: econe.in/post/ecotalk-with-wildlife-film-maker-rita-banerji


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ZDF Studios renews Doclights partnership

In a continuation of their long-standing partnership, the production arm of German broadcaster ZDF, ZDF Studios, has concluded a new contract with unscripted content producer Doclights to distribute 24 hours of new documentaries over the next two years.

An affiliate of ZDF Studios, Doclights has produced output for NDR, ARD, ZDF, ARTE, ORF, Terra Mater, BBC, National Geographic, Curiosity Stream, WWF, NHK amongst others. It has now confirmed the first three titles on its production slate: Poland’s Wild East/Polens Osten (1 x 50’); Iriomote – The Fabric of Life/ Japans Garden Eden - Die Insel Iriomote (1 x 43’); A Rhino’s Life/ Nashörner – Mit Herz und Horn (1 x 50’/ 1 x 43’).

Poland’s Wild East explores the country’s biggest national park, a haven for beavers, otters and countless aquatic birds. Animals that have long since disappeared can be found in in one of Europe’s last truly wild regions, eastern Poland. Around 1,500 bison, huge and tenacious wild cattle, along with wolves, moose and others live in the primaeval forest of Bialowieza, on the border between Poland and Belarus. But, here too, nature is in danger as motorways and intensive agriculture encroach. How much space we allow the animals will determine their survival. Poland’s Wild East is a Doclights  / NDR Naturfilm production in association with ARTE and ORF.

Read more: rapidtvnews.com/2023080464052/zdf-studios-renews-doclights-partnership.html


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Have you watched POODUNNIT? – A Wildlife Detective Story about the Polluted River Wye, by Richard Brock yet?

Down on the once-beautiful River Wye there’s drastic change. In this wildlife detective story we track down the crimes and the criminals in “POODUNNIT?”, illustrated by graphic logos and surprising sounds! Tongue-in-cheek, yes, but also a serious message. 

Fixing it will be a massive challenge and costs will be high affecting what we will have to pay. But who is getting richer too? And how? It’s a scandal, involving what amounts to a crime, or rather a number of crimes. 

So, in addition to the massive media coverage and long-term news campaigns still running, we offer a film “POODUNNIT?” 

Different from the inevitable foul examples in what were pristine rivers “POODUNNIT?” tracks down the potential culprits with several Sherlock Holmes logos (+ farts!) in an hour-long hunt for the criminals on one of Britain’s most favourite rivers – the Wye, which flows between England and Wales – 155 miles. 

The journey follows the threatened Wye, through one year, from source to sea, using that ace fisherman the heron, and the handsome wild duck the mallard, as our guides, revealing whodunnit? along the course of the dying Wye.

This is a wildlife detective story, very watchable, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but with a serious intention, plus outstanding wildlife film production values with BBC Natural History Unit experience. 

Watch it. Become a Sherlock Holmes and find out! “POODUNNIT?” Whodunnit? Is doing it?

Watch more POODUNNIT? Promos here:

POODUNNIT? – A Wildlife Detective Story – PROMOS

Watch the full POODUNNIT? feature film here:

POODUNNIT? – A Wildlife Detective Story

On your preffered platform: youtu.be/UOaff6hQfYU or vimeo.com/811327510

Filmed and produced by Richard Brock. Aerials by Ross Birnie. Edited by Gareth Trezise

Visit: brockinitiative.org/poodunnit

Follow Brock Initiative: facebook.com/BrockInitiative, twitter.com/BrockInitiative & instagram.com/brock_initiative


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BBC Blue Planet III: We can help

As the third season of this iconic show enters production, your observations could prove pivotal to its next evolution…

Over two decades have passed since the first season of the BBC documentary series, Blue Planet, aired. For an ocean-obsessed 14-year-old like myself, and for generations of budding explorers, it was a transformative experience. Both the original series and its successor, Blue Planet II, redefined nature filmmaking, immersing audiences in the unseen corners of the ocean with unprecedented detail.

Today, the BBC production team gathering inspiration for the highly anticipated third season. In an exclusive interview with SuperyachtNews, James Brickell, the series producer for BBC Blue Planet III, sheds light on the series' mission, the unexpected observations that have led to some of its most memorable moments, and the potential role the superyacht fleet can play in shaping the next instalment.

The production team, led by Brickell, has publicly called for footage and observations of marine animal behaviour. As Brickell explains, unique narratives from scientists and citizen observers with compelling stories were an integral part of the last season, and they are poised to underpin the next evolution of wildlife documentary filmmaking.

“We are currently on the lookout for captivating and unusual animal behaviours from the marine world, and we would love your help. Some memorable BBC nature sequences began as observations by wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe.”

The third series will delve into the five major underwater habitats: the Tropical Seas; Temperate Seas; Polar Seas; High Seas; and Deep Seas, while a sixth episode will explore how seas are changing. The superyacht fleet is dispersed throughout these regions, presenting owners, guests, and crew with the opportunity to share their experiences.

Read more: superyachtnews.com/operations/bbc-blue-planet-iii-we-can-help


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Off the Fence returns to the ocean for EarthxTV

Sustainability network, EarthxTV, has announced three series renewals including Off the Fence’s Ocean Wonders.

“Wild Wonders with Brooke,” and “Defenders of the Wild” will also premier on the network in 2023 and 2024. The series will air on EarthxTV in the US, UK, Europe and Mexico.

“The growing success of EarthxTV is built in partnership with the talented series producers, hosts, and personalities on our air. These accomplished individuals have dedicated their lives to using entertainment to spotlight the need for conservation, and we’re thrilled to bring these amazing series back for additional seasons,” said Dan Russell, CEO of EarthxTV. “As we continue to bring audiences a slate of must-watch series, it’s gratifying to know we have three amazing personalities our audiences love who will have a prominent place on our schedule.”

Read more: televisual.com/news/off-the-fence-returns-to-the-ocean-for-earthxtv


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David Attenborough documentaries ‘sugar coat’ reality, says explorer

Sir David Attenborough’s dulcet tones have been synonymous with jaw-dropping scenes from the animal kingdom for generations, but they offer a “sugar-coated” version of reality, according to the explorer Levison Wood.

The 41-year-old, who was in the Parachute Regiment, said that it was vital natural history programmes include the true problems faced by endangered species.

His Channel 4 documentary Levison Wood: Walking With Orangutans includes shocking scenes of a dead orangutan, spotted floating face up in the Danum river, Borneo, by Wood and his guide. A bullet hole in its back suggested that it had been shot by a farmer seeking to clear rainforest for a palm oil plantation. Wood described it as “one of the most awful things” he has ever seen.

Read more: thetimes.co.uk/article/david-attenborough-documentaries-levison-wood-wxf9rc98g

Watch "Levison Wood: Walking With Orangutans": channel4.com/programmes/levison-wood-walking-with

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Read: Earth: Over 4 Billion Years in the Making
by Chris Packham, Andrew Cohen

A beautiful, full colour book to accompany the 5 part BBC TV series telling the most important story of all, the deep history of our own planet.

With the trademark dramatic storytelling techniques of The Planets and The Universe, Andrew Cohen and Chris Packham narrate the biography of the Earth, revealing the most epic moments from its history, from the first seconds of its existence to the arrival of its most incredible inhabitants, us.

But humans take a back seat for this story as the Earth takes centre stage. We’ll witness those moments where our planet’s future hung in the balance in the face of massive bombardments from space, extreme changes in climate, the collision of whole continents and more, and we’ll tell the story of how Earth’s most incredible creations – life and intelligence – are set to have the same lasting impact on Earth’s story as any meteorite or earthquake.

This is the epic 4 billion year story of the place we call home.

Traces some of the greatest eruptions, freezes and moments of sheer destruction in Earth’s history … A reminder that the planet is more indifferent to us than we care to admit’ – IFL Science

Chris Packham CBE is one of the UK’s leading naturalists and an award-winning conservationist. He began his TV career presenting children’s series The Really Wild Show, and has since presented outstanding nature programmes such as Springwatch.

The book is available at Amazon.co.uk

Published: 20 July 2023

Chris Packham on Earth - "One might argue that it's the greatest story ever told"

This ground-breaking 5 x 60 series for BBC Two and iPlayer tells the astonishing four and a half billion-year story of the planet we call home: Earth. Chris Packham uses the latest science to take viewers on a journey through Earth’s most epic moments - a jaw-dropping catalogue of dramatic upheaval from the first seconds of the planet’s existence to the arrival of its most impactful inhabitants, us.

From massive asteroid bombardments to extreme changes in climate and collisions of whole continents, immersive cutting-edge CGI allows us to witness the critical moments when Earth’s future, and the life it nurtured, hung in the balance.

Each episode tells the story of a pivotal epoch as evolving landscapes and ecosystems faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and breath-taking transitions, including the formation of our life-sustaining atmosphere, the era of lava lakes the size of Australia, and the catastrophic freezing of the entire planet.

This awe-inspiring story can only now be told in such detail thanks to the amazing work of scientists across the world. Our team consulted with over two hundred leading palaeontologists, geologists, climatologists and other specialists, as well scouring thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journals to recreate the landscape and life that existed millions and even billions of years ago. Combined with Chris’s deep knowledge of our contemporary natural world, this epic story illuminates just how special our planet is and shines a new light on the challenges we face today.

Q&A with Chris Packham: bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/earth

Earth | Official Trailer | BBC Studios

Watch the Earth series on BBC iPlayer: bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0fpwly8

Earth review – Chris Packham steps confidently into David Attenborough’s shoes – Jack Seale, Guardian


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BBC Presenter’s Dilemma: To Present Nature Shows Or Protest And Risk A Prison Sentence?

One of the UK’s highest profile nature presenters has revealed he is at a career crossroads, as he tries to determine the best use of his time to save the planet.

For nearly 40 years, Chris Packham has fronted TV shows about wildlife, beginning his career in children’s TV, and now being touted as a natural successor to pioneering presenter Sir David Attenborough.

Now Packham has made a documentary with Channel 4 called, provisionally, Is It Time to Break the Law? and he told the UK’s Guardian newspaper that, personally, he remains unsure of the answer, as any criminal record would bring his high-profile BBC career – and huge platform – to an end.

Packham said: “I would lose my voice immediately if I went to prison. I would also lose part of my mind, if not all of it, because that environment is not suitable for someone like myself. I’ve always been terrified of prisons.” [Packham was diagnosed with autism in his forties, he is now 62.]

“So is going to prison the right thing to do? There are people who would argue that that would be a big step, it would send a message, the whole Mandela thing. I’m not comparing myself to Mandela, but you know what I mean. Symbolically those sorts of things can be very powerful. But is that the best use of Chris Packham, or is it coming up with other imaginative ways of keeping the message in the public domain?… I’m not saying it might not happen at some point.”

There is no mistaking Packham’s sincerity on the issue, as he continued:

“I need to be more active. I’m 62 years old, I’m running out of time, I’ve got to try to alleviate some of the grotesque guilt I carry for our generation not having done the work early enough. I can’t help but feel a degree of personal responsibility.”

Read more: deadline.com/2023/08/chris-packham-dilemma-present-tv-shows-campaigning-risk-arrest-1235523454

Also: Chris Packham on saving the planet: ‘Is going to prison the right thing to do?’ – standard.co.uk – TV naturalist Chris Packham has discussed being at a career crossroads as he considers the best options and use of his time to save the planet. The wildlife broadcaster and environmentalist, 62, who fronts a new Channel 4 documentary titled Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law?, told the Guardian that he remains unsure of the answer amid the threat of climate change.

“Is it Time to Break the Law?” (For the Planet!) | Chris Packham | September 2023 | Just Stop Oil

Watch on C4: channel4.com/programmes/chris-packham-is-it-time-to-break-the-law

Is this moment in time the turning point for humanity? – Earth – BBC

There's nothing else like it. Chris Packham reveals the epic, 4.5-billion-year story of our home - from its dramatic creation to the arrival of human life... and whatever's next!?

Is this moment in time the turning point for humanity? | Earth - BBC

The time to take action IS now!!

Watch Earth on iPlayer: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p0fpwhhm/earth


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In the Story of ‘Life on Our Planet,’ Survival Is the Underdog

The new series uses mind-blowing science and technology to bring the Earth’s oldest creatures back to life.

Four billion years. Millions of species. Five mass extinction events (and counting, but more on that later). It’s the story of Life on Our Planet,a stunning new series chronicling the ongoing rise and fall of lives on Earth, from the cataclysmic events that reshape our ecosystems to the creatures that survived (or didn’t) along the way. Because life always finds a way — but as this eight-part epic journey proves, the road from single-celled life-form to the biodiversity we know today was anything but drama free.

Created by Silverback Films and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, Life on Our Planet uses the latest in paleontology and graphics technology to bring long extinct creatures back to life, framing the story of the planet’s history via its five mass extinction events thus far — and what that means for life today.

“By understanding our past, we can help shape our future,” Silverback series producer Keith Scholey told Netflix’s Queue. The sixth mass extinction we’re currently living through is the first one created by an animal, and also the first one that can be averted completely.”

Life on Our Planet | Official Teaser | Netflix

Life on Our Planet premieres on Netflix on Oct. 25. Set a reminder: netflix.com/title/80213846

From: netflix.com/tudum/articles/life-on-our-planet-release-date-news-trailer


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Steve Backshall embarks on a new adventure with CBeebies in Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild

Steve is joined by 8-year-old environmental enthusiast Aneeshwar Kunchala

"Learning about the environment is more important than ever for young children, and it’s not just about the educational value, it’s about having great fun along the way! We’re looking forward to delighting and surprising young children and their families and leaving them feeling connected to the natural world and inspired by the wonderful species around us all." — Kate Morton, Head of Commissioning & Acquisitions 0-6, BBC Children’s

BAFTA-winning BBC natural history presenter Steve Backshall makes his CBeebies debut in a brand new show Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild.

The series follows Steve Backshall and Aneeshwar Kunchala as they meet amazing exotic animals from all around the world in zoos and safari parks. In each episode, the intrepid adventurers come face to face with two creatures and reveal the surprising and unusual ways in which they are connected in the wild.

Steve is widely known amongst younger audiences for his adrenaline-filled adventures on CBBC’s Deadly 60. Now, Steve is making his debut to the CBeebies family and taking its pre-school audience across the UK on a journey to discover all kinds of species from around the world.

Joining Steve Backshall on his adventure is young environmental enthusiast Aneeshwar Kunchala. Aneeshwar was a Britain’s Got Talent finalist in 2022, inspiring audiences with his poems about environmental conservation. At the age of eight, he is also already a Guinness World Record holder for youngest documentary maker, as well as a British Citizen Youth Award winner for his contributions to the natural world, climate change and sustainability in his local community.

Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild will be available on the CBeebies channel and BBC iPlayer from Monday 14 August.

Read more: bbc.com/mediacentre/2023/steve-backshall-cbeebies-steve-and-aneeshwar-go-wild

Watch: bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m001pnpq/steve-and-aneeshwar-go-wild


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Sky Kids tackles climate change with a new documentary

Eight-year-old conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala (pictured) is the host of short film Save our Wildlife, which will join the kids channel's lineup in October.

Sky Kids is tackling climate change with a new live-action documentary called Save our Wildlife (28 minutes), which will premiere on the UK linear channel in October.

Produced by London-based Fresh Start Media (My Life) and aimed at kids ages six and up, Save our Wildlife features renowned eight-year-old conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala and five of his friends from all over the world explaining why some animal species are endangered—such as walruses, Bengal tigers and sea turtles—and what can be done to save them.

Kunchala, who’s already quite well-known in the UK from his YouTube videos (generating 400,000 views on his self-titled channel), is about to become more of a UK family-viewing mainstay. CBeebies and BBC iPlayer released a BBC Studios miniseries called Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild this month in which he visits exotic creatures in zoos and parks with BBC biologist Steve Backshall.

Kunchala’s burgeoning popularity really took off when he very eloquently talked about climate change on America’s Got Talent: All Stars (pictured) in 2023. (A clip of this performance that was posted in January 2023 currently has more than 1.6 million views.)

7-Year-Old Aneeshwar Kunchala Wins The Judges' Hearts With a Moving Message | AGT: All-Stars 2023

“I’m so excited about this programme [Save our Wildlife] because seeing the problems caused by climate change for myself has made me even more determined to protect our planet’s wildlife,” Kunchala tells Kidscreen. “It’s humans who’ve put these animals at risk but we also have the power to save them from extinction.”

From: kidscreen.com/2023/08/24/sky-kids-tackles-climate-change-with-a-new-documentary

Visit Aneeshwar's YouTube Channel: youtube.com/@aneeshwarkunchala3644/videos

Aneeshwar's website: aneeshwarkunchala.com


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Monkey Man: Protecting rescued monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon ...

In the Peruvian Amazon, a man in his 70s faces leaving the monkeys he’s dedicated his life to protecting.

Orlando is a park ranger living in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, surrounded by monkeys rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

Paradoxically, he lives in a cage while the monkeys roam freely outside. It’s a dangerous life for Orlando who bears the scars from many monkey attacks as he reintegrates them back into the wild.

Protecting rescued monkeys in the Peruvian Amazon | Witness Documentary

Visit: aljazeera.com/program/witness/2023/8/28/monkey-man-protecting-rescued-monkeys-in-the-peruvian-amazon


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The Elephant Whisperers: Oscar-winning Indian film in payment controversy

A much-praised Oscar-winning Indian documentary is at the centre of a row over allegations that its makers did not keep promises of financial help made to an indigenous couple who starred in it.

The Elephant Whisperers made history earlier this year when it became the first Indian documentary to win an Oscar. It tells the story of a couple named Bomman and Bellie who care for an orphaned and injured baby elephant inside the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

But last week, it emerged that a legal notice had been sent to the makers of the film in June, alleging that they reneged on promises made to the couple, including giving them "a proper house" and "sufficient financial support".Bomman and Bellie confirmed this to BBC Tamil earlier this week.

The filmmakers have denied the allegations. In a statement to BBC Tamil earlier this week, the director and the producer said they had "deep respect" towards all contributors of the story.

The film's director Kartiki Gonsalves added: "All the allegations made by Bomman-Bellie are false, there is no truth in their allegations."

Read more: bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-66458475


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How unintentionally poisoning vultures is killing humans – It's Complicated

Africa has lost about 90% of its vultures over the past 50 years. It’s a rapidly growing crisis, and the decline is not down to natural causes.

Most of these birds are being poisoned, often unintentionally, by humans. We know the impact that mass vulture death can have on humans, because India suffered the same fate just 20 years ago. Neelam Tailor looks into how humans are accidentally killing millions of vultures, and the deadly impact it has had on people.

How unintentionally poisoning vultures is killing humans | It's Complicated

Read: theguardian.com/environment/2023/sep/19/mutilating-the-tree-of-life-wildlife-loss-accelerating-scientists-warn


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The Earthshot Prize will be produced by Studio Silverback, the world’s leading natural history producer.

Studio Silverback is excited to share that they will be producing the 2023 broadcast for Prince William’s The Earthshot Prize, the ambitious global initiative to protect and restore our planet. Leading independent distributor All3Media International will be the global distributer for this content.

All3Media International say "We are thrilled to be distributing the broadcast content of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize, the ambitious global initiative to protect and restore our planet. This also marks the first time The Earthshot Prize will be produced by Studio Silverback, the world’s leading natural history producer."

This year the prize will travel to Singapore for its third annual Awards ceremony, which takes place on Tuesday 7 November. Under Studio Silverback’s vision with Executive Producer and Director Julia Knowles and Executive Producer Elaine Paterson, The Earthshot Prize will focus on a celebration of human ingenuity and our amazing natural world with an emphasis on the Prize as a unique moment of global unity and ambition to find environmental solutions.

During the inspiring event, each of the five winners of The Earthshot Prize 2023 will be awarded a catalytic £1million to help scale their environmental solutions. The ceremony will also feature performances by world-renowned musicians and artists.

Studio Silverback’s production of the global initiative will also mark the first time the awards ceremony will be accompanied by a series of events as part of Earthshot Week. Beginning Monday 6 November, the week will see global leaders, businesses and investors convene in Singapore to explore exciting opportunities with The Earthshot Prize winners and finalists, aimed at accelerating their solutions and bringing about tangible action to repair the planet. Members of the public will also be invited to experience local activations centred on the 2023 cohort of Earthshot solutions.

Founded by Prince William in 2020, The Earthshot Prize is a prestigious environmental award which aims to discover, celebrate, accelerate and scale solutions that can help put the world firmly on a trajectory towards a stable climate, where communities, oceans and biodiversity thrive in harmony by 2030. The five ‘Earthshots’ – simple and ambitious goals to repair our planet – are: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean Our Air, Revive Our Oceans, Build a Waste-Free World and Fix Our Climate.

Colin Butfield, Director of Studio Silverback said “Studio Silverback’s mission to reveal the urgent truth of our changing planet to a mass global audience through the power of storytelling makes The Earthshot Prize a brilliant partner. Earthshot’s vision to take action to move towards a better future, aligns perfectly with our mission. Delivering this message in an entertainment led broadcast event to a global audience is of vital importance and we are delighted to have All3Media International on board to find global homes for this powerful broadcast moment.”

Maartje Horchner, EVP Content at All3Media International, added: “The Earthshot Prize’s Awards TV show delivers an important message of positivity to the widest possible audience. It’s going to be a hugely entertaining event and are delighted to be working with Studio Silverback on this project.”

Silverback has previously produced the landmark five-part BBC and Discovery+ series in 2021 (‘The Earthshot Price: Repairing Our Planet), as well as the five-part video series showcasing finalists in 2022. This is the first time Studio Silverback will also be producing the awards show, continuing our ongoing partnership with The Earthshot Prize.

From: linkedin.com


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Meet the Woman Behind Award-Winning Startup Wildlife Drones

Meet the woman behind Wildlife Drones, the award-winning startup that helps track endangered animals and control invasive species.

"I started off in the shed in my backyard with a hacksaw and a drill to make my first antennas." Meet the woman behind Wildlife Drones, the award-winning startup that helps track endangered animals and control invasive species." Dr. Debbie Saunders (Source: Bloomberg)

Meet the Woman Behind Award-Winning Startup Wildlife Drones

Visit: bloomberg.com/news/videos/2023-08-25/meet-the-woman-behind-startup-wildlife-drones-video


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Horror Wildlife Series ‘Nightmares Of Nature’ In The Works With Blumhouse & Plimsoll

Horror studio Blumhouse and natural history producer Plimsoll Productions have teamed up on a new factual series.

The two companies are developing Nightmares of Nature, a series that follows animal heroes battling to survive the true-life horrors only real nature can provide. The idea is to blend natural history filmmaking through a horror lens, a place where trees bleed, zombie snails dwell and vampire fish reign supreme.

Blumhouse is behind Amazon’s The Horror of Dolores Roach and films including Get Out and M3gan, while ITV-owned Plimsoll is behind series such as Hostile Planet, Tiny World and Night on Earth.

No network or platform is currently attached.

Nightmares of Nature is produced by Blumhouse Television and Plimsoll Productions. For Blumhouse, Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Gretchen Palek are executive producers. For Plimsoll, Grant Mansfield, Alan Eyres, Tom Hugh-Jones and Martha Holmes are executive producers.

Read more: deadline.com/2023/07/horror-wildlife-series-nightmares-of-nature-blumhouse-plimsoll-1235439713

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Netflix viewers 'not wanting to eat' and 'going vegan' after watching 'eye-opening' new documentary Poisoned

"This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me wanna turn vegan"

Netflix viewers have had very strong reactions to the streaming platform's latest 'eye-opening' documentary about flaws in the food industry. In the 'stomach-churning' new film, Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food, filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig investigates how America's systemic fractures lead to outbreaks of foodborne pathogens – and deadly consequences.

On Netflix's Tudum, a synopsis for the documentary reads: "Poisoned sheds light on how the bacteria in what we consume can cause fatal diseases. The film unearths food companies’ cover-up attempts, reveals disturbing truths about America’s food supply system, and details criminal prosecutions that have resulted from these contaminations.

"Our policymakers and food industry execs have been unrelenting in suggesting America’s food is “the safest in the world,” but how can they protect us when it isn’t?" The documentary is based on Jeff Benedict’s book Poisoned: The True Story of the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat.

Despite having only been released on Netflix a day ago (August 2), there has already been major reaction from viewers on social media. Ayoonine tweeted: "Just watched poisoned on Netflix. Thinking imma go vegan boy was I wrong." Itsmarisol_ echoed: "This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me wanna turn vegan."

Koeppel_emily declared: "I may never eat again." Jayhap2013 asked: "Why did I watch this one day after making chicken salad, & the same night after eating spinach salad... from a bag?!! #eyeopening."

Read more: walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/tv/netflix-viewers-not-wanting-eat-27453221

Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food | Official Trailer | Netflix

Watch: netflix.com/title/81460481

Brock Initiative


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Vegan Couple Turn Wedding Day Into Animal Rights Protest & Movie

A vegan couple in Switzerland is making an animal rights documentary that includes protests, open rescues, and arrests, all around their vegan wedding day

Anja and Matej Glivar got married in Switzerland on April 4, 2022, in what is arguably one of the world’s wildest weddings ever! The wedding itself was 100% vegan. No shocker there. But, they also turned their wedding day into an eye-popping display of animal rights activism that included rescuing some lambs from a farm, bridal screams and a bike crash. It was all caught on tape and will soon be coming to a theater near you!

Their wild wedding documentary film is titled Humankindness: The Animal Dilemma, and they’re doing a fundraising campaign to finish the film and get it out to the world.

Anja is a nurse from Switzerland and Matej is a content creator from Slovenia. They fell in love at an animal rights workshop. The film follows their inspiring mission to have a completely vegan wedding while carrying out animal rights actions. The documentary will feature exclusive interviews with various vegan and non-vegan notables, farmers, influencers, vegan celebrities and ordinary people who say they love animals but still eat them. Hence, the animal dilemma.

This extraordinary vegan couple was interviewed by UnchainedTV’s Jane Velez-Mitchell. UnchainedTV was the very first media outlet to show clips of the upcoming film publicly. This never-before-seen footage is captivating. You can find the entire conversation and the film clips here: unchainedtv.com/2023/05/25/vegan-couple-turn-wedding-day-into-animal-rights-protest-movie

World's Wildest Wedding Soon to Be New Vegan Film

You can be a part of this unique film by donating via IndieGoGo.

And visit: humankindnessfilm.com

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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In an effort to share the message behind the film as far and as wide as possible, Broxtar Productions made it free to watch on as many platforms as they could. Of those, one of their favourites is WaterBear.

WaterBear is an entirely free platform that puts its mission above all else, and that mission is to change the future of our planet by sharing groundbreaking climate stories and documentaries.

Eating Our Way to Extinction recently became the most-watched film ever on the platform.

So, they’d love you to check out the movie on WaterBear, and thereby supporting them and Waterbear in creating a better future.

Go here: waterbear.com/watch/eating-our-way-to-extinction

Eating Our Way To Extinction | Trailer

Available in many languages via here: eating2extinction.com/the-movie

The Green Hub Project


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Iconic Vegan Documentary ‘The Game Changers’ Is Getting A Sequel

Athlete empowerment brand Uninterrupted is working with the creators of 'The Game Changers' on a new sequel

The hit vegan film, The Game Changers, is getting a sequel. The new feature-length documentary will be directed by Stephanie Soechtig and Kristin Lazure, who worked on Fed Up, Knock Down the House, and The Devil We Know.

The upcoming sequel will be made in partnership with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s production company SpringHill Entertainment. SpringHill, which counts Serena Williams as a board member, creates content for digital media platform Uninterrupted, where athletes tell their stories in their own words. James and Carter will also be executive producers on the Game Changers sequel, alongside Jamal Henderson and Philip Byron.

“With The SpringHill Company’s unparalleled track record fusing athlete-led storytelling with progressive subject matter — plus Stephanie and Kristin’s expert ability to weave compelling personal narratives with hard-hitting investigative journalism — we couldn’t be more thrilled about this team,” said James Wilks, producer and star of the film.

The impact of ‘The Game Changers’

The original Game Changers film was released in 2018. It was described as a “quest” to find the optimal diet for humans. The documentary highlights the health benefits of plant-based eating, with particular focus on athletes and professions such as firefighters. It has now been watched by more than 100 million viewers, and credited with changing many people’s mindsets around the false perception of the “manliness” of meat consumption.

Read more: plantbasednews.org/culture/film/the-game-changers-sequel


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‘It’s Pseudoscience’: George Monbiot Blasts Regenerative Grazing In Heated Debate

A recent debate at Oxford University saw prominent environmental activist George Monbiot challenge Allan Savory's "holistic management" approach to animal agriculture

On July 11, 2023, a debate between environmentalists Allan Savory and George Monbiot took place at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The two discussed livestock grazing’s role in the climate crisis. The debate, chaired by Dame Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland, saw them clash about the viability of regenerative grazing (also known as holistic management).

Zimbabwean farmer Allan Savory is the earliest and most well-known proponent of the method. He appeared on Netflix series Kiss the Ground, and has given talks and written books on its supposed capabilities. Holistic management is the idea that grass-fed cattle on rotational systems can “mimic nature” and help the land sequester more carbon through their grazing. It’s believed that their doing so stimulates the plants to grow back and causes their roots to grow deeper into the soil, which removes carbon from the atmosphere and improves biodiversity. In a 2013 TED Talk, Savory argued that well-managed grazing systems could “reverse” climate change. He has even encouraged the world to eat meat to help the planet.

The substance of Savory’s argument, however, has been questioned by many scientists and environmental campaigners. Monbiot is one of his most well-known critics, and the writer has frequently pointed out apparent holes in Savory’s arguments.

Read more: plantbasednews.org/news/environment/george-monbiot-regenerative-grazing-in-debate

Watch the debate:

Is livestock grazing essential to mitigating climate change?

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference


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Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones – coming to Netflix!

Travel around the world with Dan Buettner to discover five unique communities where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives.

We’re excited to announce that Blue Zones is coming to Netflix! Travel around the world with author Dan Buettner to discover five unique communities where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives.

In the early 2000s, Dan Buettner collaborated with National Geographic to reverse-engineer a formula for longevity. He scoured the globe for years in pursuit of places where people live much longer than average, and the concept of blue zones came to fruition. To date, the expeditions unveiled Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California, as blue zones with the highest rates of living centenarians. These five spots share some similar elements — a plant-based diet, natural movement, and putting family first — that have been proven to promote longevity and health in residents.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones takes members around the world to investigate the diet and lifestyles of those living the longest lives. Explore the original blue zones, be immersed in their culture and lifestyles, and see how Blue Zones is applying the research in communities across the United States. Buettner offers insight on how to benefit from following at least some of their leads, because the only thing better than looking good as you age, is feeling good as you age.

Read more: bluezones.com/documentary

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones | Official Trailer | Netflix

Watch: netflix.com/title/81214929


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Marine Scientists Defend Iberian Orca, Holden Farms Exposé & more – Month in a Minute

The August edition of Sentient Media's popular Month in a Minute series is here! Watch their 60-second recap of the top stories in animals, food and farming.

In August over 30 marine scientists signed an open letter regarding Iberian orcas and their interactions with boats, asking the media not to characterize them as aggressively attacking vessels or seeking revenge.

The Orca some call Lolita dies after more than 50 years in captivity, while in Canada a new exposé by the Canadian Press reveals that 14 whales and one dolphin have died at Marineland since 2019.

An undercover investigation at Holden Farms in Minnesota shows, amongst other things, employees mixing intestines of dead piglets to feed to pregnant sows, turning them into cannibals.

In Michigan dairy farmers are slated to start transforming milk into fuel by using lactose-laden byproducts of the local dairy industry.

The ‘Gigantic’ power of the meat industry is blocking green alternatives, a new study finds, showing that animal farming receives most of the public financial support for food producers.

Speaking of which, the USDA updates the livestock disaster payment rate to assist producers hard-hit by heat and humidity, with officials stating, apparently without irony, that “a changing climate is creating immediate challenges for farmers and ranchers”.

New research shows that Price-, Taste-, and Convenience-Competitive plant-based meat would not currently replace meat, stating that social and psychological factors also play important roles.

Meanwhile new data from the Monthly Meat Demand Monitor shows that the older you are, the less you care about the environmental impact of meat, and the more you care about the taste.

Narrated by Jasmine Leyva.

Read more here.

Watch all this and more in the August media recap!

Marine Scientists Defend Iberian Orca, Holden Farms Exposé & more | Month in a Minute

Have a little more time? 

Browse more top stories from August: sentientmedia.org/the-month-in-a-minute-august-2023

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Mangrove Action Project (MAP) – a US-based non-profit which collaborates with individuals and organizations to preserve, conserve, and restore the world’s mangrove forests.

MAP have conducted mangrove workshops in more than 20 countries, teaching best practices for mangrove conservation, restoration, and education.

MAP works with a variety of mangrove stakeholders, including coastal communities, NGOs, scientists, and governments to improve mangrove practices globally.

They also run the yearly annual Mangrove Photography Awards.

Website: www.mangroveactionproject.org

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Mangrove-Action-Project.htm

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Boxfish Robotics Limited – innovative manufacturer of world class professional underwater ROV solutions that are set to revolutionize the cinematography industry, much like aerial drones.

Designed and built in New Zealand, their products capture amazing footage from the undersea world everywhere from Antarctica, to remote islands in Papua New Guinea, to the Arctic with production video quality.

Their latest Boxfish Luna is the most advanced underwater remotely controlled camera system in the world created for underwater filmmakers, which also incorporates over 6-year programme of R&D and product refinement. It can be deployed in less than 10 minutes by just a team of two, and captures clear and crisp imagery from up to 1000 metres underwater, with no disturbance to wildlife behaviour. The Boxfish Luna contains the latest Sony cameras: the A7S III or Alpha 1, which record in full-frame up to 8K 10-bit video with precision zoom control. Operators also have control over shutter speed, aperture, focus, white balance, ISO and exposure modes directly from the surface control station.

Boxfish Luna | Reimagine underwater cinematography

Phone: +64 9 600 1910 & +64 9 220 7910

Email: sales@boxfish.nz

Website: www.boxfish.nz

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Boxfish-Robotics.htm

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Filmmakers for the Future: Wildlife (FF:W) – an international grassroots group set up to encourage collaboration across the wildlife TV sector and help speed up the transition to a greener, more impactful and less extractive industry.

Our main aims are to encourage collaboration on ways to:

1 - reduce our carbon footprint
2 - make more impactful content that inspires change
3 - move away from the extractive filmmaking model, how can we give back to the people and places we film.

Example of the great things they are doing:

This 90 second graphic piece is a virtual demonstration of solidarity from wildlife filmmakers across the globe. FF:W asked the industry about the responsibilities of our films and this 90 second video captures some of the responses. We know there’s a problem, it’s time to act.

Beyond the Frame: FF:W Stand in Solidarity

Read the latest FF:W Newsletter: ffwildlife.org/newsletters

Email: contact@ffwildlife.org

Website: www.ffwildlife.org

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/FF-Wildlife.htm

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& Max Merlino – offering services that include concept development, research and scriptwriting, pre-production planning, production and filming, narration & voiceover, post-production, distribution & promotion, as well as educational outreach.

We create gripping documentaries that educate, inspire, and entertain audiences.

Max, ’s founder, embarked on a transformative academic journey where he studied zoology and business management, acquiring the necessary skills to produce & direct a wildlife documentary. Influenced by Werner Herzog and thus drawn to the poetic documentary and gonzo filmmaking styles, Max infuses his work with humor, exaggeration, and occasional profanity. Adopting a guerrilla filmmaking approach, he embraces spontaneity and authenticity, resulting in a natural portrayal of his remarkable adventures.

A HĀ Wildlife Showreel

Email: contact@haaaaa.org

Website: www.haaaaa.org

Profile Pages: Wildlife-film.com/-/HA.htm & Wildlife-film.com/-/MaxMerlino.htm

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Louis Amos – Production Assistant, Runner

Hello, my name is Louis, and I am a young individual looking to get into the world of filming in nature.

I currently work for a film production company in London, and I am looking to expand into making films about the environment.

My concern is ever growing regarding the global warming, and I feel film is the best way to get people to realise what we are doing to the world.

My ambition is to create films which will change the way people live their ordinary lives and make them think about the impact they have.

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Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/LouisAmos.htm

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Welcome to Under The Oak Films Ltd

Under The Oak Films, is the production company of member Katie Mayhew, a Specialist Natural History Camera Woman & Photographer who has worked on the BBC/Silverback's Wild Isles (read: ‘Try not to step on any toads!’: David Attenborough’s camera wizards on how to film Britain’s wildlife) and many others (CV).

Banded Demoiselle - The River Race

Under The Oak Films is run by her and a lovely group of creatives. Between us all we are very experienced in a variety of creative project areas.

Specialising in Wildlife and Live Events, Under The Oak Films has a broad range of experiences filming in different locations meeting a variety of projects needs: undertheoakfilms.com/projects

Under The Oak Films has a range of camera equipment for short or long rental at competitive rates: undertheoakfilms.com/equipment-hire

Website: www.undertheoakfilms.com Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/KatieMayhew.htm

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Megan Wheeler – Researcher, Runner, Logger

Trainee researcher, logger and runner looking to work in documentary TV and film.

She says: "I am keen to work on projects that champion animal rights, highlight the effects of climate change and observe nature. By virtue of my Anthropology degree, I also have a keen interest not only in societies and cultures but in learning about individuals and the lives that they lead. I want to dedicate my career to meaningful and educational storytelling which explores important subjects.

At this stage, I am looking for any junior role, although I am particularly interested in researcher roles."

Talent Website: www.thetalentmanager.com/talent/166218/megan-wheeler

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/MeganWheeler.htm

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Lilou Lemaire – a French Film Director/Camera Operator/Cinematographer living in Paris.

Lilou began her career as a fashion and portrait photographer in the 2000s, collaborating with communication agencies for advertising campaigns as well as French and international magazines. Capturing the gaze of many personalities from culture, ecology, fashion, and luxury, she has developed personal work which she exhibits. From her experience as a photographer, Lilou has retained a taste for natural light, the art of framing, and a permanent quest for aesthetics.

As a director/camera operator she likes to spotlight complex, never-before-filmed subjects, men and women of the shadows, in unrecognised or difficult to access places. Alone or in a team, she always takes the time to approach her subjects with strong ethics and respect. Her thoroughness and seriousness have allowed her to gain confidence in France with the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Interior, where security and confidentiality constraints are imposed. With the ability to work successfully in all terrains, often in extreme conditions, naturally, you can imagine that Lilou is at ease working/filming in the forest as she is in complex military environments.

Working in these sensitive environments has also made her become not only aware of questions of ecology but also of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

Lilou has recently directed a documentary on the cooks of the French army "Cuisiniers sous les Drapeaux: Mission Covid”, a film on the Covid crisis in the heart of a hospital; and a film on the women soldiers of Operation Barkhane at the end of 2020.

During the height of the Covid pandemic of 2021 and 2022, Lilou worked as a director with the DOP Gavin Thurston and an international team, filming in 4K Dolby Cinema (Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos) producing the first wildlife documentary series about Saudi Arabia. The objective of which was to highlight the areas biodiversity and the efforts being made to protect it. See: liloulemaire.com/wildlife-saudi-arabia


Website: www.liloulemaire.com

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/LilouLemaire.htm

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Robert Wedderburn – a Wildlife Film Director / Producer / DOP / Drone Operator based in South Africa and Ecuador

Passionate about filmmaking and creative storytelling.

Snake Heroes

Websites: www.robertwedderburn.com & www.filmwildlife.com

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/RobertWedderburn.htm

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