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Wildscreen festival 2014

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Wildscreen Panda Awards 2014 Winners Announced!
By Wildscreen
23rd October 2014

The Oscars of the natural history and wildlife film industry - the Wildscreen Panda Awards - were announced at a prestigious and glittering awards ceremony on Thurdsay 23rd of October 2014. The Panda Awards are the centrepiece of the Wildscreen Festival, and were presented by Monty Halls and Patrick Aryee.

This year, the WWF Golden Panda Award - which is given to the best overall production - was given to On a River in Ireland from Crossing the Line Productions (Ireland). The film also took home the Script Award and shared the Panasonic Cinematography Award.

The Outstanding Achievement Award - which is given to an organisation or individual that has made a globally significant contribution to wildlife filmmaking, conservation and/or the public's understanding of the environment went to John Downer.

We hope you had a fantastic time at the Festival and look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!

Wildscreen Award Winners Announced:

Terra Mater Factual Studios Theatrical - Chimpanzee
Disneynature - Silverback Films (United Kingdom)
Kenya Fixer: Jean Hartley/ViewFinders

This film delivered the whole package, a classic coming of age story told with outstanding photography that results in an extraordinarily gripping and intimate piece of theatre.

Enchanted Kingdom from eigajoho

3D - Enchanted Kingdom
BBC Earth Films (United Kingdom)

Sound: Chris Watson Kenya Fixer: Jean Hartley/ViewFinders Camera: Jonathan Jones

The film had an unusual opening and closing, however it demonstrated an outstanding use of 3d in the wild, which really contributed to genuinely immersive and enjoyable experience.

Disneynature Innovation: David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive
Colossus Productions (United Kingdom)

Even after 60 years, David Attenborough is still at the forefront of innovation. A creative use of 3D images to bring fossils to life in an enchanting story.

NHK Science: Your Inner Fish
Tangled Bank Studios and Windfall Films (USA)

Who would have believed ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny could be made into a very entertaining programme!?

Against All Odds: Legends of the Deep - Giant Squid
An NHK, NHK Enterprises and Discovery Channel co-production in association with ZDF and ARTE (Japan and USA)

Recognising the incredible persistence to find and to film a holy grail of wildlife behaviour.

Panasonic Cinematography: Shared between Chimpanzee and On a River in Ireland
Disneynature/Silverback Films - Camera: Martyn Colbeck & Bill Wallauer (United Kingdom) & Crossing the Line Productions - Camera: John Murray (Ireland)

We have decided there are two winners. One film represents the pinnacle of longlens cinematography, the other is a beautiful cinematic vision achieved with a variety of techniques.

Children's Choice Award: Deadly Pole to Pole to Arctic
CBBC BBC and BBC Worldwide (United Kingdom)

Steve Backshall is energetic and informative, keeping you fixed to the screen and taking risks that keep you glued to your seat.

Script: On a River in Ireland
Crossing the Line Productions (Ireland)
Script: Production Team

Less is more, a beautiful, minimal but poetic script.

Discovery People and Nature: Bat Man of Mexico
Tom Mustill - Windfall Films (United Kingdom)

Rodrigo is a wonderful advocate of an unlikely animal hero. His passion and knowledge connecting biology and the culture of Mexico. An inspiring film.

Read the interview with Tom Mustill - Director of The Bat Man of Mexico here!


ORF Universum Animal Behaviour - Chimpanzee
Disneynature - Silverback Films (United Kingdom) Kenya Fixer: Jean Hartley/ViewFinders

The most intimate portrait of Chimpanzee life ever undertaken. Including the first footage of an adult male adopting a baby.

Nat Geo WILD Popular Broadcast - Penguins: Spy in the Huddle
John Downer Productions (United Kingdom)

A slam dunk broadcast event. As ever, John Downer and his team bring animal behaviour into the living room in a truly entertaining way.

Icon Films Newcomer: Sirocco How A Dud Became A Stud
Ashwika Kapur – Centre for Science Communication (New Zealand) with NHNZ

This category brought together very different films. But in the end we chose this film as it had all the hallmarks of a strong storyteller.

Bundu Youth: Elephant Seals
Alex Jones/Wildlife Film Productions (USA)

Impressive camerawork and a strong story, economically told which brought life to a challenging subject.

BBC Earth New Media: Earth Unplugged Youtube Channel
BBC Earth (USA)

Clearly targeting the new generation of potential wildlife viewers and delivering it to them on a new platform in a relevant way.

Campaign: Tools of the Trade
WildAid and Homestead (USA)

Brilliant. A masterclass in short form.

Environment & Conservation: Shark Girl
Kaufmann Productions Pty Ltd, in association with Smithsonian Channel, Terra Mater & ABC Australia (Australia)

Madison Stewart is fresh and authentic voice for conservation, filmed in a style to reach young audiences around the world.

Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive
David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive

Music: David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive
Colossus Productions (United Kingdom)
Music: Ilan Eshkeri

A sophisticated score that added humour and charm to help create an engaging and entertaining story of magical time-travel.

Films@59 Sound: Hidden Kingdoms - Under Open Skies
BBC, Discovery Channel, RTL, France Televisions & CCTV9 (United Kingdom)
Sound: Tim Owens

Kenya Fixer: Jean Hartley/ViewFinders

A fun cartoon approach to sound that immerses the audience in a hidden world.

Series: Hebrides - Islands on the Edge
Maramedia and Otter Films for BBC Scotland and ITV Studios Global Entertainment (United Kingdom)

A very well crafted series. The filmmakers clear vision brought the landscape, wildlife and people together into a very engaging story.

Doghouse Editing: Leopards: 21st Century Cats Joint with Wild Canada
Icon Films for BBC (United Kingdom) - Editing: Rupert Troskie with Brian Leith Productions & River Road Films (Canada) - Editing: Matt Meech

Joint award for excellence in editing in 2 very different styles.

Short: The Forgotten Home of Coffee
Kew Gardens & Lonelyleap (United Kingdom)

The worlds most popular hot drink, brought into global perspective through stylish filmmaking.

Presenter Led: Secrets of Bones
BBC & BBC Worldwide (United Kingdom)
Presenter: Ben Garrod

Great style, charming and natural, Ben Garrod's genuine curiosity comes across very well on screen.

Special Jury Award: Your Inner Fish
Tangled Bank Studios and Windfall Films (USA)

The most engaging exploration of evolution since Life on Earth. It has an excellent new presenter, Neil Shubin who brings important conceptual ideas into our every day world. Clever, witty and imaginatively crafted.

Best of Festival: On a River in Ireland
Crossing the Line Productions (Ireland)

A beautifully conceived film where the script, photography, music and editing create a magical hour, reconnecting us with nature in a way that very few films do today. This film could have won at Wildscreen 25 years ago. Will a film like this win in 25 years from now? We hope so.

Wildscreen Festival

The photographs of the 2014 Panda Awards Winners are now live and can be viewed on the Wildscreen Flickr. Also see photographs from the photo booth at Club Privé - Wildscreen Tuesday Night Party 2014 here!

More on the Wildscreen Festival website.

Wildlife-film.com winning members are listed in bold above... Congratulations to them all!!
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Wildscreen Panda Award Nominees 2014 from Wildscreen Film Festival

See: Nominations for natural history film ‘Oscars’ announced!

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