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The Invisible Lens

The Invisible Lens

4205 Elzevir Rd
Woodland Hills
CA 06850

Company Directors: Susu Hauser & Byron M Goggin

Phone: +1 810 488 9548 & 810 300 2821

Email: susu@theinvisiblelens.com & byron@theinvisiblelens.com

Website: www.theinvisiblelens.com

As nationally renowned cinematographers for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and History Channel, we help set the gold standard for excellence in multimedia documentation.

The Invisible Lens is a full service production company, husband and wife team, specializing in conservation films and personal documentaries. We are a team of award winning cinematographers, producers and editors ready to give breath to your impactful philanthropic mission. These last two years of business for the Invisible Lens have brought us from the depths of Ethiopia's Herrena Forest to the grandiose landscapes and threatened waters of the Inside Passage spanning the United States and Canada.

We wish to use our talents and expertise to influence positive change in our world.

The Invisible Lens - Susu Hauser & Byron M Goggin
Byron Goggin & Susu Hauser


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