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The Blowfish

The Blowfish

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7967 584 360

Email: tom.theblowfish@gmail.com

Website: www.theblowfish.co.uk

Agent Website: www.atwenterprises.co.uk

Voice Over Agent Website: www.theinimitables.co.uk/tomhird

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I am The Blowfish. The Heavy Metal Marine Biologist. Animal Handler and Wildlife Presenter.

I can provide services as a presenter and narrator as well as valued abilities as a scientifically educated researcher. I am fully trained marine biologist and have extensive knowledge in this field of study.

I have a totally unique and inimitable delivery that can take any biological premise and break it down into accurate but easily understood analogies.

Over the years I have developed a wide working knowledge of a full range of creatures including fish, mammals, invertebrates, birds, reptiles and insects. I am an experienced animal handler and can safely say, that I am comfortable working with any creature... so long as it's comfortable working with me!

As a scuba diver with 15 years experience and dual qualifications in BSAC and PADI teaching organisations, being in the water is second nature to me.

My TV experience continues to grow year on year and I am developing a reputation for being accurate, insightful and also a 1 take wonder! No missed time sheets when The Blowfish is around.

The Blowfish

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