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Nicola Kelleher

Nicola Kelleher


Phone: +44 (0)7725 516 976

Email: nicola_kelleher@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.nicolakelleher.com

Nicola Kelleher

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Nicola has always had a passion for animals. She recently co presented a new TV series which was filmed in Africa and will be shown on major channels worldwide and is currently in the final stages of edit with NHU Africa - www.nhuafrica.com/license-acquisition/in-development/the-code-breaker

Nicola Kelleher

She is also completing a course in Zoology and is set to study canine behaviour. She has two dogs who also feature in the opening credits of the new TV series The Code Breaker and has over ten years experience in TV presenting.

She has provided voice overs for major television channels, and currently works on SKY TV, Hoxton Radio and many Shopping TV channels.

Nicola is well spoken and also works as an actress and model. She is a former title holder of Miss Commonwealth and campaigns for animal and human rights.

Nicola Kelleher


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